“ATTN: Bringing you a special post…”

I feel for the victims of Hurricane Harvey and wish I could do more than what I have done for them.  The same stands true for the victims of Hurricane Irma and those still in her path.

During this time, as we watch and monitor the storm, the directional movements, and listen to the news for updates on her speed and strength, I want to remind us that we are all in this.  Every one of us has been affected by these hurricanes in one way or another.  Whether we’re donating to the cause, offering time, labor, and services free of charge, opening homes and businesses as safe shelters, sitting in traffic, dealing with long lines at the gas pumps or in stores and all the out-of-stock items, or those of us that have already lost belongings; remember, we are all effected by these storms, so we should be patient with each other, help each other, show compassion, because that’s all we have in the end.

We don’t know how long we’re going to be in this mess, so don’t be make trouble, make a friend.

This is truly a moment in history, just like when we were hit with the events of 9/11, we all came together for that.  The difference is Harvey and Irma are by the hands of mother nature.

Please, be patient with each other because we’re all stressing out.  Some of us don’t know if we have houses left to go home to and our children, too young to understand what’s going on around them, will act up.  Everything is going to be okay though.

I am so proud to live in this country because we’ve showed ourselves, proved to ourselves, that we can pull together, set aside our differences, and do what’s right, to help our fellow mankind.

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