“A Massacre in Nevada”

I woke up this morning, took my shower, then turned my television from its normally scheduled music choice program to my Fox & Friends news program.

What I expected to hear about was more news on the NFL protests, or news about North Korea, I didn’t expect a mass shooting.

A mass shooting.  Said to be the largest massacre in U.S history.  Many are dead, hundreds of others suffering from various levels of injuries, or clinging to life, because a gunman felt no mercy.

I’m a huge Jason Aldean fan, however, I’m not nearly as infatuated with him as my late grandmother was to Kenny Chesney.  Jason Aldean is a regular, normal human being, who makes a living doing what he loves to do, sing and make music for his country music loving fans to enjoy.  It’s sadder that he was on stage when the gunshots started flying, but I was relieved to know he and his crew were safe.  The same goes for the other country singers who were performing during the three-day festivities.

I’m sad that so many died and so many are hurt.  I’ve never been to a festival, at least not one I truly remember as being fun and entertaining, unless I count watching a drunk old man dance in front of the stage of a T Graham Brown concert at a carnival.  He was a skinny old man and all he wanted to do was shake his butt, clap and wave, in an overly animated fashion.  Now, I don’t know that I will ever attend a music festival, but my thoughts are with everyone who was there.

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