“Unwanted Visitor”

It goes the same way every month.  Every time it comes, I’m down and out for at least two days—the day of, and the next.

I always know when it’s coming, but it doesn’t make the painful cramps any easier to deal with.  This time around, I realized that the cramps I feel could actually be compared to the natural process our female bodies are automatically tuned to do in the event of performing natural childbirth.  I only came to this realization when I stopped to think, “what my cramps feel like?”

They are always in my lower back.  The pain feels more like a hot, aching heat in a centralized location, not like a physical pain or a pinched nerve.  Compared to the achy feeling of a compressed spine when standing on your feet for a long period of time, my cramps feel similar, but I can sit mildly comfortable in a stuffed chair.

The only think I hate worse than the cramps that come with it, is the serious lack of energy also associated.  I never feel motivated to do anything and that feeling tag teams with moodiness which only depresses me.  I’ve cried because I hate feeling like that.

There’s no winning against my unwanted visitor… not until I enter menopause!

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