“Eye Makeup Attitude”

I wouldn’t normally write a blog during the weekend, but on this past weekend, my daughter’s preteen attitude escalated to that of someone turning 20.  She spent the morning talking, acting, and thinking she was bigger and better than she really is.  All because of makeup.

Her dad and I let her wear ‘some’ makeup; eye shadow and lip gloss.  That’s it.  We let her wear that much to practice.  I was 13 when I began wearing makeup; compact powder and ‘lip gloss’.  After I turned 16, I was free to experiment with any makeup I wanted.  I figured that since it took me a few years to perfect the application of wearing eye makeup, by the time she’s 13, she’ll have practiced enough and do the same.  Her dad agreed.

While waiting in the lobby outside her gymnastics class, I noticed she did her makeup a little differently.  It was tasteful, but different.  I can’t do my own eyeshadow like she did hers that day.  I complimented her on it.  She gave the credit to watching ‘Uma’ from “Descendants 2” which is cool.  Her eye makeup over the weekend, was not.  It wasn’t tasteful at all.  It wasn’t done right, more like…. well, my first attempt.  Horrible.

She had light blue eyeshadow covering both her upper eyelid and under her eye, and the corners of her eyes done.  She was trying to create the ‘wing’ effect everyone does now, but it wasn’t working.  Instead, her ‘wings’ extended to her temples.  I told her to wash her face.

Then she got mad and started running her mouth.  “I’m almost 13-years old, I should be allowed to wear my makeup any way I want!”

The way I see it, she has two options.  She either wears it the way I approve, or I take it away until I feel she’s mature enough to wear it.  She decided to keep running her mouth and give me attitude.  I took her applicator brush away.

I’m such a mean mother.

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