“Soggy Weather”

It’s a dreary, overcast, rainy, depressing sort of day.  I’ve been watching the leaves fall off the branches as the droplets hit them in passing.  I want to get cozy in my chair beside our window and lose myself in a book.  I’m reading “Shadow of Night” by Deborah Harkness.  However, it’s not quite the time to do that yet.

The weather has changed over the last couple of days and I think a cold front brought the rain with it.  It’s not like we don’t need the rain though and it’s not like the weather isn’t supposed to change with the seasons.  Autumn and spring were my favorites growing up because it they weren’t too cold, nor were they too hot.

I don’t mind the rain, I just hate having to go out into it.  It makes everything wet and soggy, and it makes the roads slick.  There’s nothing I hate more than tracking in dead, wet leaves or mud from the outside.

Our front yard currently looks like a plate of water-logged bran flakes because of the conglomeration of dead leaves that have fallen from all the trees surrounding us.  It’s a beautifully depressing sight and will be nice to rake them all up in the coming weeks.

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