“Veteran’s Day Cookout”

This past weekend, though it was a rainy one, we celebrated Veteran’s Day with our first annual cookout.  I kind of got the idea watching “70’s Show”.  On the show, ‘Red’ and ‘Kitty’ Foreman’ have an annual Veteran’s Day cookout following the town’s annual Veteran’s Day Parade.  Red dresses in his uniform and his next-door neighbor ‘Bob Pinciotti’ dresses in his ‘rented’ Coast Guard uniform.  The ‘Foreman’s’ always give open invitation to the neighborhood to come to their cookout, and they do!

To thank my dad for his service in the Navy, my husband for his service in the Army, and every friend and family member who is serving or has served, I decided to have a cookout and I did!

We made hamburgers.  We had hotdogs, and cheese dogs.  You can’t have a cookout without baked beans, so we had those too.  I offered to make some pasta salad, so mum bought two different boxes of Suddenly Salad, and I cooked one up for that night.  We had some potato salad left over from the night before, and mum bought some chips and dip.  At the last moment we decided to add deviled eggs to our cookout menu.  I prepped about a dozen to boil, put them on the stove to cook.  Half an hour later I was cooling them under cold water and peeling them for mum’s recipe.

Next year, I hope to extend our annual Veteran’s Day cookout to family and friends!  To our Veteran’s, young and old, thank you for your service!

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