“So the Drama”

It is so funny when my daughter tries to ‘cop an attitude’ with me.  I remember when I was her age and would do the same to my mother, but she was different person though.  I’m not my mother.

I know.  We all say we aren’t like our mother’s, but I can’t stress it enough to say I’m not my mother.

Long before I came along, my mother was diagnosed mentally unstable, though it was not by her doing.  Her diagnosis followed having an emergency appendectomy.  She was overdosed on pain medication.  Because of the overdose, something in her mind snapped, and she had to be further hospitalized.  She was never person she was before surgery.

My daughter has my attitude.   My attitude comes from my dad.  My mother’s side of the family were drinkers.

What’s funny is when my daughter ‘cops the attitude’ she got from me with me.  Not only do I know what she’s doing, this justifies me not listening as closely.  She doesn’t gain anything from my ignoring her attitude, because all she’s doing is venting.  It makes me laugh listening to her muttering under her breath.  Half the time she doesn’t make sense.

It’s funny because she’s such a drama queen!  She exaggerates like her dad does, but she’s over-dramatic about it.  A future career in show business, maybe?

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