“Holiday Break”

As of Friday, after school lets out, this Learning Coach gets a week to chill out.  I kind of feel like ‘Abby’ from “The Ranch” in the episode where she shows up at ‘Colt’s’ house the first day of Christmas break with a mixed drink.  I can’t remember what her ‘mixed drink’ was, but the point was ‘she didn’t give a…’  She was ready to kick-back and enjoy!  I’ll feel this same way when our Christmas break comes.

I’ll still have some work to do since it’s the closing of this quarter in school.  I have to edit and update attendance, make a list of any missing work or work she can redo and resubmit, and any other lose ends that are brought to my attention.

I remember what holiday breaks felt like when I was still in middle and high school.  During those final few days before school closed, it was so hard to focus and concentrate on work when all you could think about was sleeping in, nonstop recess, and no homework.  Now holiday breaks include preparing for the relatives, baking pies and/or cookies, and arguing with the kid.  The best part is I’ll be writing about all of it!

I still enjoy the break from school because it’s still that, ‘a break from school’.  My position may have changed from being the student, to being the parent, but now, not only am I the parent, I’m also the Learning Coach.  I still reap from school breaks!

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