“Outdoor Projects”

I certainly got myself involved in an outdoor project this past weekend.  I found myself motivated to rake the yard, but I’ll have to do it again because not all the leaves have fallen off the trees.  I wasn’t going to rake, but I thought about it, and concluded it’s better to get a start with the amount already on the ground compared to what’s left on the trees.  Mathematically speaking, there are more leaves on our ground than on our trees currently.

Starting with our side yard (because it’s bigger), I gathered leaves from around the trampoline, sweeping them into the outskirts of the wooded area surrounding our home.  About half-way down the yard, I moved to a different end of the yard for a different perspective.  There I found myself doing the same, but also observing an empty spot amidst some trees.  Moving to that spot, I looked at it, viewing it from several different angles, my curiosity growing.  Finally, I decided to rake in-between the conglomeration of trees, and clear the area out.

I found a clearing under dead leaves, pine needles, pine cones, and kindling.  A space large enough to relocate our daughter’s tent.  Of course, in doing this, I also cleared out several large dead tree branches, and noticed a few more spots further in to think about in the future.

As I was raking the clearing between the trees, I let my thoughts wander to what an old friend of mine would think of my landscaping ideas.  She’d be all ‘I-don’t-have-time-for-that’ and then talk about what she wants to do with her yard, and out-talk my ideas, like my ideas are immature.  That’s the type of person that she is, but I don’t listen to that person anymore.  I shook my head clear of that voice, found myself smiling, and my imagination bursting with ideas as other spots seemed to jump out at me.

Between now and the first of the year, I’ve got an outdoor side project I can work on during the weekends when the weather is decent.  I really want to clear a spot for my vegetable garden I’m starting this spring.  I’m really excited about that!

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