“Holiday Landscaping”

So, how did you spend your Thanksgiving vacation?

Well, this year held many firsts for us.  My daughter is enrolled in online schooling.  I’m her ‘Learning Coach’, so I got to experience Thanksgiving break like the teachers do.  I spent a couple of days after classes let out, completing my own paperwork, writing in my planner, cleaning the house, and baking.  There may not have been physical school work to do, but writing doesn’t stop just because it’s the holidays.

The funny thing is, I found myself pleasantly occupied with raking our yard, and gathering dead sticks and limbs for kindling.  Sadly, I’m still not done, nor have I been back out to do more work since.

An entire day of raking the yard did give me an idea though.  First it began with raking the side yard since it would take the most time.  Then I was noticing spots in-between the trees in our woods that could be cleared of the dead, fallen foliage.  What would I do with a cleared spot in the woods?  Well, my daughter could make herself a fort, I could clear a nice spot for my vegetable garden this spring, I could even set up a spot for quiet tranquility.  The possibilities are endless with the right imagination!

So, that’s what I did during my Thanksgiving break, I began a new weekend outdoor project.  Now, if the rest of the dead leaves would just fall from the trees already!

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