Saturday afternoon, I found myself, in the kitchen, cooking up some ground beef to add to a jar of queso blanco dip for chips, and setting up for the SEC Championship game between the Georgia Bulldogs and Auburn.

The Bulldogs had me a little worried during the first quarter when Auburn scored a touchdown, and all we were managing were field goals.  Then there were all the flags thrown on Georgia.  Goodness gracious!  But, they came back, and I’m glad they did.

I learned something during that game.  I learned why we drink during these events.  On one hand, a fan drinks because of the excitement, and cheering on their team of choice.  They’re happy, and they’re celebrating the good job the players are doing.  On the other hand, a fan drinks to deal with how badly their team is playing.  Whatever works right?

My favorite part of the game happened right after my hubby walked out the front door to take a walk.  He walked out the door, made it to the bottom of the front porch steps, and I was calling him to say the ‘Dogs’ had just scored a touchdown.  After hubby walked out the door, my eyes were glued to the television screen as Swift ran a touchdown, at least a good 40-yards, down the field, with Kirby running with him along the sidelines, and he ran that ball right into our end zone.  Touchdown Bulldogs!

That was awesome!

I was nervous when we played Florida, because my late grandmother was a die-hard Gator fan, and she used to rub it in our noses—to no end—especially after the Gators beat the ‘Dogs’ in overtime back in 2010.  But we beat them.  I was nervous when we played Georgia Tech, because I know that’s one of our rivals, or I assume we would be rivals.  But we beat them as well.  After having lost to Auburn though, the first time around, that made me nervous.

Anyway, it has definitely been a great season for UGA.  Kirby Smart is a remarkable coach.  I watched them last season, and they didn’t do so well.  I was hoping Kirby would come back and surprise us this year, and he did!  Congratulations to the Georgia Bulldogs, on a season well played.  Auburn may have blindsided you the first time, but you came back, and took back what was yours—the SEC Championship trophy!

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