“Dreadful Timing”

There’s nothing quite like the dreaded waiting time at a doctor’s office.  I hate it that I always get there about 15 minutes early, before we’re scheduled, yet we wait for half an hour in the waiting room, then another 15 minutes after we’ve been called back, just to see the physical doctor, then 5, maybe 10 minutes later, that’s it.  If it wasn’t for the behavioral part of it, maintaining it, it would be a huge waste of time—that, and I really do like the doctor.

My hubby asked me if I hated the drive, or the wait.  I hate both.  It takes forever to get there, and it feels like forever getting home.  While we’re there, sitting in the waiting room, it feels so awkward.  Usually I take a book, and I always have my phone, but it’s hard to concentrate.  I’ve never been a fan of waiting rooms.

Well, today’s pediatric appointment proved me wrong for a change.  I didn’t care for the drive there because the weather was dreary, and rainy, chilly, and messy.  Hubby described it as “one big bucket of suck”.  I can’t say I disagree with him.

Our wait time today wasn’t bad either.  Once we were in a room, normally I can sit and read a full chapter before the doctor enters, but today, I was reading an essay for a friend, she wanted me to proofread for her, and the doctor came in before I could finish.  That was a nice surprise.  We were in and out in half the time it normally takes.

It may have been wet and nasty out, but it was a pleasant doctor’s office visit.  It’s kind of hard to complain about that.

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