“Online in ‘Real’ Time”

Yesterday evening was amazing!  I attended a live book signing, online, with Ainsley Earhardt.  I feel like I practically met her in person, because she was on real time!

She is amazing, and everything I was hoping she would be.  She answered questions, she autographed her books, and as she talked with us, like we were all her friends.  She went on tangents which I thought was so cute because she reminded me of myself.  When I talk, I tend to stray off on tangents.  Like, all the time, but that’s okay because I felt like I was getting to know her on a different level.  Being live with her online last evening was different than watching her on Fox & Friends weekday mornings from 6 to 9am.  Before yesterday, she was a celebrity to me.  Someone I idolize from a distance, but never actually get to meet them in real life.  Now, she feels like a friend, or an acquaintance.

Her online book signing also opened another door for me.  As a writer myself, I’m looking forward to when I’m scheduling book signings, but I’m limited in distance.  Earlier this year, I attended my first book-signing, and that was a whole new world for me.  My hubby and I were talking the other day about Brian Kilmeade’s newest book, and that it would be awesome to attend one of his signings, but he would never come as close as Christy Wright did when she came to Lawrenceville, Georgia.  Then we said that if he did, could he bring Ainsley and Steve with him, because we love watching them on the morning news.  The following morning, being yesterday, Ainsley announces her online book signing.  It was like it was meant to be!  Now I can officially say that I’ve met Ainsley Earhardt because we were in ‘real’ time.  It was like she was sitting across the table from me, and we were talking and laughing, and enjoying conversation.  I was laughing right along with her.

The best part of the book signing was when she called “Peg” (I think that’s what her name was).  I can only imagine how “Peg” felt being able to physically speak to Ainsley.  I wouldn’t have been able to sleep last night if it had been me; my adrenaline surge would’ve been through the roof!  Anyway, Ainsley began the phone conversation, “Peg” said a few things, Ainsley asked her a question, “Peg” answered it, and Ainsley was off on a conversation with “Peg” like she knew her personally.  Ainsley even called her brother Trent and his wife, on a whim, for helpful advice, right there with us live, and there we watched a three-way conversation like it was totally normal.  I can’t stress the ‘wow’ factor!  “Peg” got to talk to Ainsley and meet the family!

Ainsley is such an inspiration to me, and more so now after being at her online book-signing, meeting her in ‘real’ time.  I saw her as a celebrity until last evening.  Now she’s just like me, a southern girl, with a hint of twang in her accent, living her dream as a journalist with a bit of published author on the side.  I’m not a journalist, but I am a writer, and one day I’ll be published too.

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