“Two Weeks!”

I can’t believe Christmas day is only two weeks away!  I haven’t yet wrapped any gifts for the family, or sent out my cards, but I’m not worrying too much because I’m working on both this week—Friday at the latest, I’ll spend the better portion of the afternoon wrapping gifts.

With that said, after Thursday, I won’t have time to post until after the first of the year.  I want to bake some cookies and make a pie.  This year I’m making sugar-free and regular Peanut Butter cookies, my daughter is baking some Chocolate Chip cookies, and I’m making my hubby’s Christmas favorite—Custard pie.  In addition to that, we have our daughter’s birthday to get ready for as she becomes a teenager.

If the weather is nice, I’m hoping to do a little more work outside—out back—but that’s yet to be determined.

This week, I’ll be helping my daughter complete any make-up assignments for school, and insisting she retake any quizzes she can to help her grades before this semester closes.  If I’ve learned anything from my daughter getting her education online, it’s that I now understand the problems she was having in school buildings.  As her mother and Learning Coach with the school, I’ve found out just how much help she really needs.  She needs “one-on-one”, and apparently schools can’t offer that, or they don’t offer it anymore.  Regardless, it doesn’t matter anymore because I like how things are going now.  My goal is for her to finish the semester with passing grades, then after we return from the holidays, both her and I will be fresh and ready.

The only thing I’m going to have time to do in the next couple weeks is paperwork for GCA, schedules, and lists.

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