“Back to the Book”

When schools let out for holiday break last year, I took that time, after a few days of pondering, and allowed myself a break from all writing.  Okay, not all writing.  I still wrote in my journal, but not as much as I do on a normal day.  There is nothing normal about preparing for the festive holidays.

Now that the holidays are over, I’ve been working myself back into the mode.  School started back, and I had to adjust a few things so I can better assist in my daughter’s education.  This week I started back to my blog, and now here I am, facing a story I wrote awhile back, and I’m trying to figure out how to rework it.

It’s a good story, about military families, but it’s very bland, undistinguished, and needs a lot of work.  I’ll tell you, my favorite part of writing is the writing.  I love transferring my thoughts into words and putting them in print.  It doesn’t matter if I’m writing on a piece of paper with a pen, or if I’m typing away on my laptop computer, as long as I’m writing, I’m freeing my mind.  My least favorite part of writing is editing.  Sometimes, the editing process is very intense.  I find myself lost in a memory I’m writing about, and time seems to stand still, as if in a matrix, because I’m recalling something very specific about the time.  Like all memories, some are painful, and some bring a smile to our face.  When I edit, I completely relive that memory, sometimes several times, before the story is perfect.

Now, my goal for this year is to finish writing my first book and have it ready to be published when school let’s out for the summer.  That’ll be June.

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