“Slow Down, Breathe, and Be Me”

I spent the past weekend dealing with some female issues, so I didn’t feel up to doing much of anything else.  We had a quiet weekend, and I found myself doing quite a bit of thinking, but I’m always thinking, and I try to be quiet most of the time.

I moved back to the country about two years ago, after living in-town for five years.  Those five years found me rushing around, feeling like there was never enough time in the day to accomplish everything I wanted to do.  Some people like that, and even I was enjoying that time in my life, but that’s not my life anymore.

I grew up living in the back-woods.  Our driveway felt like it was a mile long with all the bumps and potholes we had to slow down in order to avoid.  We lost three mufflers to those muddy potholes during one summer.

Leaving in-town living, and moving back to the woods, time seems to have stopped for me.  The everyday hustle to get things done is gone.  The hum of society has faded to the sound of a single car engine as it passes, headed where ever.  The only noises I can hear now are sounds of nature, and the animals in the trees.  I love it!

Now it’s remembering to slow down, and to take the time to smell the country air.  The area really is gorgeous and quiet, and our neighbors stay to themselves.  It’s given me room and time to recuperate mentally, and figure out who I am, and what I’m doing.  I’ve always been a country girl.

I loved it up in the back-woods of Maryland, but it’s no longer home.  It hasn’t been since 2002.  I loved it in the back-woods of Maine, but I didn’t have enough personal space.  Now, here in the back-woods of Georgia, I’ve found my freedom, a place I can call home, and plenty of room to create personal space.


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