“An Educational Importance”

I found myself in a conversation yesterday with my daughter, while she was in class, on the importance of a general education; on the importance of finishing high school.  I’m present during her class connects so I’m there to help her, or answer questions, but I’m often bending her focus back to her teacher during instruction.  She sort of got aggravated with me when I told her to pay attention, and to take notes.

I allow her to use her tablet to snap photos of the slides per class, rather than manually writing down all the notes on paper.  She came up with the idea and I didn’t see any harm in it, so I don’t understand why she gave me an attitude when I asked her if she was taking photos of the slides, but she did.  I asked her, “would you rather hand-write the notes, or take a snap-shot of them?”  Breathing an overly dramatic sigh, she said “I guess this way.”  Teenagers.

The reason she didn’t want to take picture of the notes is because she doesn’t want those pictures taking up space in the memory.  While pictures are awesome to save and look at, when I let you use your tablet for school stuff, that includes pictures of your teachers slides to reference later for homework.  It’s either that or write them out by hand.

She asked me why I’m so hard on her when it comes to taking notes.  I told her, I wish I had paid more attention to instruction instead of what others were talking about around me.  If I had had online schooling available when I was in middle school, my grades would have been so much better.  I’m more of a self-teach person.  I consider myself self-taught through trial and error.  I’ve made mistakes, but I’ve also conquered.

My daughter loves to draw, she likes to write, and she likes to sing and listen to music.  It took a while to get her to see that ‘jamming out’, or listening to music was fun.  When trying to prove how fun it can be to sing and dance around like no one is watching, all she could see was me acting ‘lame’.  Yeah.  Well, because she sings, and dances, and writes, and draws fashion designs; school can’t possibly teach her anything else, or that’s what she says.  I pointed out that not only does she need a general education just to make it into the real world, her dad and I furthered our education so we could specialize in our specialized interest.  I graduated from high school with a guy who now has his Doctorate in Chemistry.  He’s now a doctor, in Chemistry.  My husband and I both have Bachelor’s degrees in Arts for English.

I explained this to her, but like any teenager, she already ‘knows it all’, or she doesn’t care.  We’ve all been there.  We’ve all been that age.

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