“Less Really Is More”

Last weekend, the family got together and went down to our garage, and we spent the majority of both Saturday and Sunday sorting and cleaning the garage.  We have a lot of stuff.

I didn’t realize how much stuff we had collected over the years, and how much stuff my grandmother had when she passed.  I don’t think any of us had an idea there.  Now all I can think about is having a yard sale so we can see the stuff go.

It’s really kind of senseless to have so much stuff.  I can understand a certain level of sentimentality goes along with having so much, like my late grandmother’s things, but what we actually had going in our garage was my grandmother’s life of clutter–or what was left of it.  We were also holding onto our own pasts, and dwelling on the past is no good for anyone.

The truth is, none of us realized how much stuff we’d accumulated until we were moving from our own separate households, into one large house.  Our family was growing because we were moving on, and moving up.  We’re still moving forward in lives because our yard sale is the final step in letting go.  Letting go.  Minimizing the clutter.  Cleaning house.  Spring cleaning.  As a matter of fact, just this morning I remembered some other stuff I need to go through, so I wrote a note to remind myself for tomorrow.

Why do we collect so many things in life?  Why do we feel the need to hold onto material things?  Holding onto a loved one’s possessions after they’ve passed, that’s holding material things close as a way of holding on to that person.  Holding onto our own things is a way for us to hold onto that memory.  For a time, I was doing this to, but I’m starting to see how less is more, and I’m making a change.  I’ll always have the memories associated with the stuff, but there’s no need to physically keep it anymore.  Clutter builds.  That, and I don’t want to hold onto someone else’s life anymore.  That can be very depressing.

I’m just hoping the weather holds out…


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