“Tag, You’re It!”

Have you ever played ‘tag’?  The game we played as children with our friends and the neighborhood children where one person is ‘it’ and runs to ‘tag’ another person?  I used to love that game, but now I play ‘tag’ with phone calls.

Last week, I did some research, checked out a publishing company website–I’m sure you’ve heard of it, it’s called Page Publishing.  I’ve seen the commercials for it across my television all the time.  Well, last week I finally decided to check into them.  I entered my name and mailing information on their website, and the next day I received a phone call.  I was in class connect with my daughter at the time, so I let it go to voicemail and I checked in after class was over.

Checking the message, he let me know he’d mailed the submission informational kit that morning, but he had some questions for me about my book.  I didn’t call him right back, but instead sent him an email.  I was hoping I could get an idea of what kind of questions he had for me about my book, but no such luck.

Well, a day passed, and then he called me again this past Friday, but I missed the call busy with something else.  When I listened to his voicemail later, he was checking if I’d received the informational kit, and urging me to get in touch with him.  Being later in the day, I decided to wait out the weekend, see if the informational kit arrived, and prepare myself for our phone call.  I spent the weekend thinking about all the reasons why I write, all the things I could write about listing a few topics specifically, and I wrote down some ideas I have for other work (other books) I plan to write.  However, I forgot Monday was President’s Day and after the packet didn’t come Saturday, that was it until Tuesday (today).  No mail.

Today, I finally received the informational packet from Page Publishing and I read it thoroughly because I want to be as prepared as possible for our interaction.  Then I called the representative back, but I got his voicemail.  Guess what?  ‘Tag’, he’s it!

I’m currently waiting for him to call me back…

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