Optimistic Update

Good afternoon y’all!  The sun finally decided to show itself again after three long days of rainy, bitterly chilly weather.

At this time, I’m also proud to say that Thanksgiving vacation has officially began for me.  I managed to keep my daughter’s attention and keep her focused so she could complete her school work, turning it in on time.  She’s finally completely caught up.  I’ve only been trying to do that for three weeks now.

Some good news I wanted to share… I received word back from a company I submitted an application and cover letter to; to be a writing tutor.  I was going to write and post to my blog this evening, but I decided to write now and spend this evening completing the paperwork to get it back to the company.

I was told, and I quote, “After I have received your completed documents, it will take a few days for approval from the director to have your account created.  Let me know if you have any questions and I hope to hear from you soon.”  That’s professional lingo for we want to see you for a second interview!

When the email came in, I was working in the kitchen when my pocket vibrated (because I keep my phone on vibrate most of the time).  Normally I wouldn’t check it until I was finished, but I stopped to check it this time.  I’m glad I did although reading it made me shake all over.  I felt entirely in disbelief because lately everything I’ve tried to work for has crash landed or fallen apart.  I’m growing tired of my ideas being rejected.  I wasn’t even sure of this chance, doubting myself after only an entire day thanks to constant thought.  That’s why I was so surprised to get a response.

I’ve been reading over all the paperwork, filling out printed forms, trying to print out my cover letter to hand-sign it, but the printer isn’t cooperating, and writing up a brief summary about why I’m qualified to tutor college-level writing and reviewing papers in both APA and MLA style format.  I’ve also been reading the tutor provider response form example they sent me to read over and review.  It’s fourteen pages in length so printing it isn’t an option right now, but I have perused it.  Now that I know what they’re looking for, I’m even more excited to get the ball rolling, and just in time for the holidays!

Seriously, I can’t wait to get started.

As always, thank you for reading and following me.  Hope everyone has a great weekend, and I’ll write again on Monday!

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