A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Hair Day

Hey y’all!

It’s been a week plus since school let out for summer vacation.  My daughter’s classes may have ended for the school year, but I’m still pushing forward with my VIPKid students.  Just before school let out, I switched my schedule completely over to per say ‘graveyard’ shift and I’ve been booking nearly every day since.  I’m not completely booked, but I’m booking more classes than I was before!

My daughter began her summer in a unique way.  She took it upon herself to cut her own hair.  She’s fourteen and she knows better, but like every other child/teenager, she didn’t think it through before she acted, and by the time she realized cutting her own hair was a bad idea, it was too late.

She cried, or so I was told, not because I punished her, because she realized cutting hair is more tedious than just making a straight cut.  I asked her why she did it… “because my hair wasn’t growing anymore.” she said.  I educated her on how hair grows and explained to her that our hair is continuously growing, always growing, even after death.  Now she knows.  Will she cut her own hair again?  I’d like to think she won’t…

I punished her.  I grounded her to her room without Disney Channel, or any television for the rest of the night.  After we finished up with dinner and she took care of her after dinner chores, she was sent to her room and that was it.  The other part of her punishment is I’m not paying to have her cut corrected and I’m not going to try correcting her cut myself.  I’m not a beautician and I’m not made of money.

When I was still using Facebook, a friend of a friend posted photos of her daughter experiencing the same dilemma.  Her daughter, though much younger, gave herself a haircut.  Her mother didn’t cut it to fix it and she didn’t pay someone else to fix it.

The sad part is I cut close to 5 inches off her hair two months ago, after she spent an entire month asking me to cut her hair.  Ironic?

I guess it was about seven years ago, I was working for Family Dollar, and my husband, daughter, and I were living with my husband’s sister and her family.  Coming home from work one day, I found my husband standing in the kitchen holding our youngest niece in his arms.  Her hair much shorter and choppier than it was when I left for work.  Long story short, her mother was cutting her brother’s hair using electric clippers.  After finishing his cut, she walked away for a minute only to come back and find the clippers in his hands, his sister’s hair half gone, sprinkled on the kitchen floor, and no one to blame but herself for not taking the clippers with her.  Imagine a four-year-old boy giving his three-year-old sister a haircut.

The lesson in all of this is kids will be kids.

Thanks for reading y’all!

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