What Do You Know About Blogging?

Hey y’all!

This week has been all over the place in my head.  I’m pushing forward in writing, submitting two different short stories to two different online sites this past Monday, I’ve been working on a short story about ‘running’ since Tuesday, I covered more of the same stuff Wednesday and Thursday helping my daughter complete her school work, and more writing, and now here I am today.  Thank goodness it’s Friday.  Sigh*

I have a question for those who follow me.  I see things all over the internet that say writers can make money from their blogging.  I blog, but I’m obviously new at it, so can anyone explain this to me?

I love to write and post new things to my blog, but I honestly have no idea how to further my blog.  Are there sites to read and research?  Are there sites to avoid?

I admit I’m not the technologically savvy type.  I can use my ‘smartphone’, I use my laptop computer, I’m linked to both ‘facebook’ and ‘twitter’, but I’m only familiar with the basics.  I think it might be time for me to step further out of my shell and introduce myself more to how to work the web.

Can you help me?

By the way, when I say basics, I mean I know the basics to technology.  I think I’m so far in the ‘technical’ past, from being sheltered for two years with no internet access, I don’t have a clue as to how to link anything.  I’m almost a lost cause, but determination is in my blood.

I didn’t get my first personal laptop computer until the tax year after my husband and I moved into our first apartment–in 2012.  We moved in the tax year before.

I’m serious! LOL

Anyway, thank you for listening, or ‘reading’ with me again.  Every time you like my post, I know I’m reaching out to someone.  Otherwise you wouldn’t like my stuff (thank you for your likes!), but I need your help now.

What all exactly can you do with your blog?  How can I move forward with my blog?  How can I better my blog?

Write to me in the comments!  Thanks y’all! 🙂

Writing Resolution

Writing has always been my go to, but I haven’t been writing.  Instead, I’ve been trying to take on too many things in order to make a quick buck.  Not my proudest moment, but I’ve come to realize this, and now I’m doing something about it.  Fixing it.

I love to write, but I’m not writing enough.  I haven’t posted anything new to my blog in months it seems, because I’m trying to do other things.  I’m trying to make a difference in the world of education, but I’m not writing enough.  I have my entire life to write about, but I’m not writing anything.  That’s changing.  Today.

Reality hit me hard this week with dad in and out of the hospital.  Unable to focus on anything other than cleaning the house to keep my nerves under control, I had a lot of time to think.  Though my thoughts are still all over the place, I’ve managed to find a direction.  I’m not giving up on McKraft’s Literary Magazine, but I am putting the idea away for some other time.

While going through my writing, I see so much confusion, I don’t know what’s good, what sucks, and what needs work.  It’s sad, but it is what it is, and I’m the only one who can fix it.  I think constant rejection got the best of me.  I don’t have the nail in the wall like Stephen King did, full of rejection letters, but every time I submit a short story to Chicken Soup for the Soul and they publish without me, it’s still rejection.  Yeah, it’s not in writing, but aren’t we supposed to be conserving paper product instead of wasting it?  Rejection hurts regardless of format.

Moving forward, it’s going to be one short narrative story at a time until my manuscript is finished and ready to submit for publication.  Scott, with Page Publishing, is very interested, but he needs me to complete it before his team can review it.

All the effort I put into the making of McKraft’s magazine has been influential because it rekindled my artistic ability.  I’d forgotten how good I was after years of listening to ‘another’ claiming her work to be that of a genius in comparison to any artist known to the world.  Anyone can doodle and call it art, but mastery comes from the artist, not their tools.  I don’t claim to be an artist, but if you like my work, I thank you for that.  This summer I’m strongly considering refurbishing our office tabletop desk.  While it’s nothing more than a medium wood, counter-height, square kitchen table, I want to sand it down and create a collage of characters.  I’m thinking Yoda, Jack the Pumpkin King from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, and of course many others.  I’m not sure whether it’s fortunate or unfortunate (I guess it just depends on how you look at it) but it will be an entire summer garage project, but when it’s completed, it’ll look so cool.  A unique work of art.

I’m going to close for now and go try to make some sense of my manuscript.

Until tomorrow…

Stress and Emotional Growth

Last week was the most stressing week of my life.  Every time someone opened their mouth to speak, nothing but bad news came out.  My husband’s disability didn’t come as expected; something to do with a glitch in the system; a mistake on their end, and everything went downhill from there.

Naturally, I began to worry about everything.  How we’re going to pay our bills (the few we have), we just had new tires put on our truck (a bill we didn’t want, but we need tires to drive), my husband is going to need his heart medication, and it just seemed like everything was piling while falling apart at the same time, again.  We’ve been down this road before.

Last week’s conundrums made me wonder, should I really being trying to start a business right now?  Is this a sign?  I’m not religious, but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe.  I just couldn’t help but think, I’m doing something wrong.

Well, I am doing something wrong.  I’m trying to do too many things at once instead of focusing on the main job–our name, our magazine, and our purpose.  Instead of dwelling on all that wasn’t going right, I remember reading a Twitter poster that read “You don’t always need a plan.  Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens” (Mandy Hale).  With that, I thought about our magazine.  It won’t go anywhere if I don’t push it, and then I thought about Christy Wright’s book, Business Boutique.  I bought her book after watching her one morning on Fox & Friends, telling the viewers about her book and her journey to beginning her business, and working with Dave Ramsey, and how she was just as fearful as I feel putting myself out there knowing I’ll be both criticized as well as admired for my work.  That’s why I bought her book–for Chapter Two: Fear is Normal.  After reading it, I feel a new direction.

Emotional growth is important.  I can’t control every situation, but I can control how I handle them.  Instead of moping around with an attitude, like the world is against me, expelling negative energy, I should be concentrating instead on all that I can do with that energy.  I’m moving forward.

Maybe one day you’ll see me at your local library!


“A Make-over in Media”

I think it’s time for a make-over.  Not a make-over of myself because I’ve done that.  Two years ago, I was not the person I am now.  I didn’t wear a hat and tinted glasses then.  I do now.  I didn’t keep a blog then.  I do now.  I didn’t write nearly as much stuff then, but I do now.  A lot has changed.  Maybe it’s time for me to make over the other part of me.  The ‘social media’ part of me.

I’m not hiding behind a fake face, or a fake name, or anything like that. I’m not actually hiding at all.  I’m an introvert.  So, in writing, I’m in my simplest form.

I’ve never thought much about my writing, I just know I’ve always loved it as an activity.  I used to write all the time–lists, letters, poems, my name, subject notes, etc.  When I wasn’t writing, I was reading or drawing.  I used to free-hand draw all the time, but dropped it in high school.  I loved to write, but I didn’t share any of it.  Not even the letters.  When I did write a letter and actually give it to the person I wrote it to, things were never good.  So, I’ve always been afraid to write to share, but then I began keeping a journal and even that took time for me to confide in.  I was afraid someone would pick it up and read it, or my little sister would snoop around because she was good at doing that.  It wasn’t until recent years that I’ve began to come out of my shell.  I’ve always been afraid of what others would think of my work.  I’ve had a lot of overly-critical, ‘so-called’ friends, and just as many overly-judgmental relatives to go with them.

I don’t think of things that way anymore.  Constant writing practice and learning to trust my conscious and subconscious thoughts have helped me navigate this path I’ve found in the literary world, and while I’m comfortable where I’m at, I can’t stop.

If I’ve learned anything from writing, it’s ‘don’t stop’, and ‘don’t be afraid to stand out’.


“Homeschooling, Blogging, and Writing my Book”

I woke up this morning feeling ready to conquer the world, and by world I mean my planned projects which I’ve been happily writing into my daily agenda.  I took the weekend to rest and relax, and to do some thinking (especially after I was rejected for a writing position I applied to earlier last week.  I received the rejection email Friday.)    I soon came to realize I lost track of what I’m aiming for.  I lost focus on my purpose and therefore forgot what my prize is.  So, last night, I decided, my focus is on three things–my daughter’s education, my blog, and my manuscript.

Well, by the time first class connect dismissed, I was ready for a break because my daughter seemed to have woke up with an attitude.  She wanted to be mouthy, she had something to say for everything I said, or something one of her classmates would say in chat, or she wanted to do things her way–meaning wait to do her homework after school instead of during the last 15-20 minutes she had left in class to work in the ‘quiet work room’.  I told her she was doing it then because the assignment she wanted to do, an essay for English, she could do on her own.  Her homework she was going to want my help with.  She didn’t like it, and she exaggerated a sigh the way she always does when she isn’t happy with something I said or tell her to do.  As I said, she was already in a mood, so her mouth eventually wore on me.  By the time class connect was over, I needed a break from her, so I went down to transfer loads of laundry.  That didn’t the way I wanted either.

My schedule is not going as smooth as I wanted it to go today, but I’m accomplishing it all just the same, so far.  I still have two short stories I want to reread and make edits where necessary.  One is almost finished, the other is only the rough draft.  I can do it, but I have to keep focused.  School, my blog, and my book.  That is what I’m putting all my concentration into from now on.

I’m a mother, a teacher, and a writer-to-become-author.

I just hate when things in life happen in daily life that put a hindrance in one’s well-planned scheduling.  A defiant attitude from a daughter whose just entered her teen years, a load of laundry wrapping itself into a tight ball rather than drying in the dryer correctly, or the fact that it’s Monday and Mondays seem to be the ‘long’ day at the office every week.  I can see why now, but it doesn’t mean I like it.  I accept it because it’s what I do best, but I’m still going to be real about it.  I just have to remember what I’m focusing on.  Homeschooling my daughter and helping her gain an education, writing my blog to share thoughts, experiences, and lessons, and working on my manuscript, or writing my book–whatever you want to call it.  Those are the things that are important to me right now.


“Weekend Reflection and the Superbowl”

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I enjoyed my weekend.

Friday night, hubby and I found ourselves jamming to music, singing our hearts out, and I admit I was dancing around in our bedroom/office.  I’d had a trying week, and it was time for me to let loose.  We drank a 12-pack between the two of us because that’s what we do, but not all the time.  Normally we drink in moderation.

On Saturday night, hubby and I decided instead to listen to some old compilations he recorded several years back.  We listened to them, drank some Budweiser, sang, and then came up with the idea to watch “High School Musical”.  It was a great idea, we were laughing and enjoying the movie, and then I was done.  Ready for bed.  Flip the switch, goodnight.

Come Sunday, hubby and I watched the Superbowl.  We were rooting for the New England Patriots, but we watched more for the Superbowl commercials.  Pink performed the National Anthem doing an absolutely kickin’ job, and Justin Timberlake looked like he was having a party performing his half-time show.  I loved his tribute to Prince, and the eminent glow of purple in and surrounding the stadium.  Then wrapping it up with everyone’s favorite “Trolls” song “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”.  Awesome choreography and colorful implementation.  Very colorful.  Very ‘trollish’!  How cute that the kid Justin wanted to jam with didn’t even know who he was.  Who cares though, a selfie photo with Justin Timberlake, he’ll be popular among the girls in school.

My husband and I rooted for the Patriots, and the Patriots had a shot, then Tom Brady goes and throws the game with the first and only sac.  Oh well.  They can’t win them all, right?  The Eagles earned their win this year.  They played a good game.