“Hurdles To Happy Thoughts”

Hey y’all!  I hope your week went better than mine.  I’m not complaining though because it could have been worse.  I stressed out some, over this and that, but we managed to straighten things out as we went.

The week was full of hurdles; like I’m running, and the hurdles keep coming, keep appearing in front of me.  I fix one thing and something else comes up.  First it was my husband’s disability check.  When it didn’t show up in our account as expected, like it does every month, it stopped us in our financial tracks.  To make the situation a little more worrisome, we had to wait all weekend before we could physically do anything about it.  After that, I spent the week struggling to understand 8th grade mathematics so I could help my daughter with her homework.  I was a struggling math student, in both middle and high school, and you know what, I’m still struggling.  I admit that, but that’s why I sat down with my husband and discussed the problem, to which we decided and agreed, he’s going to begin joining our live Math session with our daughter’s teacher (just like I do every weekday) so he can learn the stuff and help us.  Finally figuring that out, now I’m facing yet another hurdle.  Always, another hurdle.

Like I said, if it’s not one thing, it’s another, and things just keep happening.  The hurdle I’m facing now, I’m forced to wait through a 3-day weekend before I can get in touch with someone to fix paperwork that’s wrong on their end.  Someone messed up somewhere.  However, I am not letting this hurdle stop me from moving on to focus on other project ideas.  I’m focusing instead on my latest narrative, a couple of VIPKid workshops I signed up for, and preparing my classroom for next weekend.

“Feed the areas of your life you want to grow.  Starve the parts that need to go.”  -Bruce Van Horn

I came across this quote on Twitter this morning.  It perfectly sums up my thoughts and feelings during this weekend.

I thought about those I’ve met and known in my past, and how those people judged me.  I let their judgment affect me and I should not have.  While some of them had some good advice, others didn’t, and I took most of it to heart… but not anymore.

I live to help others, because I love to help others.  I wish I had more financial means to help.

The only real way to fix your financial problems is to do something about it; put yourself out there doing what you like to do.  Through homeschooling my daughter, I found a hidden passion for educating, and now I’m teaching Chinese children English in a ‘one-on-one’ online atmosphere.  I can’t wait to book my first class!

Without ‘starving the parts I need to let go‘, meaning those who’ve  led me in the wrong direction, I can’t ‘feed where I want to grow‘– my future.  As a teacher, I’ll be working with 4 and 5-year old Chinese kids, teaching them the English language.  Children are vibrant, energetic, and they love to have fun.  I have to be professional, but I also have to be on their level.  How do I do this without feeling like a dork?

Well, who said being a dork was a bad thing?

I’m facing every hurdle with patience while figuring them out as I go along.  I know there’s nothing I can do for the next three days so I’m going to spend them thinking happy thoughts.  I’m going to focus on being my professionally-dorky self!

Thanks for reading y’all!

Books to Teach the Truth in a World Full of Peer Pressure

Hey y’all!

I’ve been reading a book titled Reviving Ophelia- Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls, and I haven’t been able to put it down, reading it every chance I have.

It’s written by Mary Pipher who is a clinical psychologist with a Ph.D, and who has treated young women for over 20 years for problems above and beyond their mental abilities.  In other words, our children in today’s world are battling problems we wouldn’t believe because we don’t realize them.

I can remember when I was a young teenager.  Unfortunately, I can relate to some of the teenagers Mary speaks of in her book.  I wish I would have had access to this book when I was facing the issues, but to be honest, I would not have paid it any mind because while I loved to read and learn new things (mostly self-taught), it looks like another school reference book and uninteresting to a young teenage girl who prefers to read books like The Babysitter’s Club, and Goosebumps.

I’ve found reading Reviving Ophelia to be like reading anything from Chicken Soup for the Soulunderstanding and inspirational.  I wish I would’ve also had more access to Chicken Soup for the Soul during my youth because I might not have been so lost finding my way.

I couldn’t talk to anyone in school because my fellow classmates were either judging me and teasing me based on my outward appearance, overall quietness, and for the one person I did hang out with.  I didn’t want a lot of friends, but I wanted to at least establish an acquaintanceship with them.  In reality, we were all facing the same unknown territory–peer pressure and growing up.  We were no longer children, but we weren’t adults either, and our parents were just as lost as we were because even the world they knew as children had changed.

For example, I’ve mentioned several times in the past about how grateful I am for Georgia Cyber Academy and the online K12 program.  Kids are mean, vicious, and judgmental, but the problem isn’t with the kids, it’s in their homes where their parents or the structure is absent.

The summer before my 8th grade school year, we moved to the next town over, across the county line.  I began the school year as a new student, but luckily with a couple new friends I’d met over the summer, down at the park, before school started.  I still maintained a relationship with my best girlfriend from my old school until that changed after I moved back due to reasons outside my knowledgeable understanding, and way above my maturity level.  When I moved back, I learned my best friend started a rumor about me as a way to increase her popularity points.  I understand why she did it; she didn’t have any friends outside of me and her home life was confusing.

Her mother yelled at me once for not calling after she was suspended from school for a week for threatening the school system.  If I’d been the one to threaten the school, my life would have been hell, as it was, her mother took her shopping at the mall everyday that week.

I didn’t have it easy at home, but I didn’t go around spreading rumors either.  I decided staying to myself was a better option.  That’s why I started homeschooling, because there’s not enough structural support inside the schools anymore.  Every student is lost, confused on where to go and in what direction they’re going in.  When grown-ups can’t help, books can–if you’re willing to read them.

Let’s listen to what our children have to say to us, then assist and educate them because they’re lost without our guidance.  The world is much different from when we were growing up, but they can’t help that, they’re kids.  We need to open our minds to see and understand what they see.  They can’t see the world the same way we do because of their innocence.  Remember that.

Thanks for reading y’all!






Be Inspired


Being a writer, I’m inspired by things I see or observe, people I meet, and things I learn.  Having said that, I watched a little girl named Beni, absorb the teachings of culinary genius, Gordon Ramsey, throughout the entire season 6 of MasterChef Junior.  I witnessed, through live action news, the joining of two countries in holy matrimony, because an English Prince fell in love with an American–not for her social status, but for who she is.  Finally, I spent a very entertaining evening, seated in a huge auditorium of a high school, watching live performances from students in performing arts.  I watched as a couple hundred students, expressed themselves through interpretive dancing.

The innocence of a child is not something that should be taken advantage of, but something that we, as parents should celebrate.  Their minds haven’t yet been corrupted by the conflicts of peer pressure–downers telling dreamers it can’t be done and so on.

In watching Beni throughout Season 6, I saw her as an open notebook taking it all in.  She faced every cooking challenge with an open mind, she listened intently, taking every remark, tip, and critique from Gordon Ramsey, Christina Tosi, and Joe Bastianich, and going with them.  Every Friday, you could physically see her technique mature.  If I remember hearing correctly, Beni also made the swim team with her school, but she gave it up to be on MasterChef Junior, and then she won!  I’m anxious to see what she does in the coming years!

When watching the royal wedding between Prince Harry of Wales and our ‘American Princess Bride’, I felt the union of America with England, and to marry into the royal family–an honor of it’s own.

I was inspired the most by all the children I watched perform on stage while attending my daughter’s part in the show.  She’s a first year gymnast with Kidz in Step, and she part of a gymnastics routine to “The Greatest Show” from The Greatest Showman.  I’m amazed with how much she’s doing now compared to the common cartwheel and somersault she was doing a year ago.  I taught her the cartwheels and somersaults, Kidz in Step taught her the uneven bars and the balance beam.

Other performances included ballet, tap dancing, Jazz routines, Hip-Hop, a few Contemporary numbers, and a skit in Musical Theater.  I was immediately captivated, nearly to tears,  by the opening of the show because I watched dancers tumble in and tumble out, jump in and jump out, and finally come together in a huge group of talented performers of the arts, filling the stage and surrounding the audience in a choreographed dance number like that of Justin Timberlake’s closing number in his recent Super Bowl half-time appearance.  The owner herself in the act, dancing as seriously as her students.  She’s the owner/director, but her favorite place to be is in the class rooms.  She likes the dance floor.  That night, I also witnessed the owner, as a teacher, investing in the future of her students when she and her husband recognized four senior girls who’ve been dancing with her since she opened her dance studio.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd.  It was such a special moment, and so touching.

The point to this post is the inspiration we can get in watching our children, and encouraging them to do the things they like to do.  My daughter wants to be an actress when she grows up.  I can put her on the path to following her dreams through performing arts.  This year and next she’s in gymnastics, next year dance might make the schedule.

Feel the technique and create a new, delicious appetizer, entree, or dessert.  Feel the music and create an entire new dance number.  Set the sky as your limit, and follow your dreams.  Gain confidence from watching our children be confident.