Morning Coffee

Hey y’all, how do you feel about coffee?  Personally, I can’t go without drinking at least a cup of coffee every morning.  In a way, it’s my wake-up liquid alarm clock.  Even before we set out on the road to explore America, my brain simply will not work without my dark roast caffeinated hot beverage. 

My coffee preference is solid dark roast, but I’ve been known to settle for medium roast, not that there’s anything wrong with medium roast, it just doesn’t do it for my caliper of thought.  Medium roast tastes too weak for my liking and where I typically drink 1-2 cups each morning, I would need to drink an entire pot of it just to wake up.  Just for the record, I’ve never drank an entire pot of coffee by myself, but I know people who have.  For one, my husband.  The other is my late grandmother.  My grandmother, when she drank an entire pot of coffee, she wound up washing her entire house, from top to bottom… literally.  I drink 2 cups and I get a body buzz. 

Since being out on the road, I still require my morning dark roast, even if I have to run a generator to have it.  If I can’t run our generator, I settle for truck stop coffee; the largest one they have because it’s always medium roast.  I’m not complaining, just stating a personal fact. 

My favorite coffee brands are Green Mountain: Dark Magic, Private Selection: Guatemalan, and Folgers: Black Silk, but I’m always open to others in the dark roast category.  I drink my coffee either piping hot, or iced, but I can’t drink piping hot coffee once it’s cooled to room temperature.  Well, I can, but I don’t like to because it’s like drinking a soda that has long since lost its carbonation.  Yuck!  However, being on the road, it’s not like I can add an ice cube to the last three swallows before emptying my coffee cup, so I just drink it because I’m not wasting my coffee. 

Well, y’all, having said all that, I hope you’ve had your morning coffee, enjoyed it, and are as ready for another day as I am.  My family and I will be hitting the road again before long.  The weather outside appears to be a bit on the cloudy side and the temperature are rather humid today compared to the past week.  Until next time, thank you all again for reading and for following me.  More to come later!

Enjoy your coffee this morning while looking at some fluffy clouds. (Punta Gorda, Florida)