‘Spring’ing Forward

Hey y’all.  Spring is in the air for sure here in Central Georgia.  Our Dogwood trees are blossoming, the others are forming their buds, the weather is growing warmer by a couple degrees every day; the weather was so nice last weekend I spent the day outdoors, raking our front and side yard. I should have taken some photos to share, but I didn’t.  I felt it the next day though.  My entire back was stiff, right up the spine. 

There were people in our park last week, power washing the mobile homes.  I didn’t think ours was that dirty until the guy power washed it.  That may or may not have been my reason for wanting to get outside and rake the yard.  Just saying.  That mixed with the long, rather isolated winter we all experienced thanks to Covid quarantining.  Please, keep wearing your masks y’all.  We’re close to the end of this, but not quite.

With spring in the air, I’ve also been moving progressively forward.  One project I have moved forward with is my book.  A couple weeks ago, I received, reviewed, and approved my cover design from my cover design artist.  They did a spectacular job!  Now I’m patiently waiting for my box of 10 copies to come.  Once that happens, again, I receive, review, approve, and then I can finally begin sharing my first published book with y’all.  I can’t wait to be able to share the link with y’all!

I sprung forward with another project as well.  I’ve been creatively working on another personalized piece of artwork, but this piece I created for Bindi Irwin and her husband Chandler, for their baby wildlife warrior coming.  I think I’ve spent over a month sketching it, then another couple weeks, night and day, adding the color, and finally a few weeks ago, I mailed it out priority mail to Australia.  When I learned they were expecting, my creative visioning kicked into high gear.  I hope they like it.  It turned out adorably.

Now I’m moving forward, towards advancing our future.  We want to travel and see the world and share every experience with y’all, whether by blog, vlog, or book.  It could be sooner than hubby and I think, but we don’t know.  We are simply springing forward. 

As always, thanks for reading y’all. Have a great day!

A Little Business ‘Reading’

Hey Y’all!

This is just a little something I wanted to share with y’all.  I’m working on creating a link so you can print out your own copy, but these things take time.

Business Bookmark for BLOG

As always, thanks y’all, for reading and following me.  Your support means everything!

Rainy Weather, Wild Life, and Show and Tell

Hey y’all!

It’s finally Friday, but it’s a wet one.  Our weather is predicting rain and thunderstorms with possible tornadoes, and maybe some flooding in certain areas.  At the current time, their prediction seems pretty accurate.

I’m so glad I took the time earlier this week to work out in the yard, while the weather was warm and brilliant.  I’ve been wanting to move the trampoline for some time but needed to wait for the ground to resolidify from the batch of storms we endured the week before.  With the help of my husband and our daughter, we moved the trampoline to a more centralized location in the yard.

After moving the trampoline, I was cleaning the area where it’s sat since the day my husband put it together and found this little dude… a ‘spring salamander’.  Don’t worry, after moving him carefully using a rake, I scooped him, moved him to the pavement for a better observation, and finally googled until we could positively determine its identity.  I’ve never seen one that looked like this.  Again, no animals were hurt in transit or during observation.

This year, I decided to cut our side yard in half.  Instead of mowing the entirety, I’m creating creative, artistic, yard signs.  For instance, a sign to caution, ‘Tall grass…Velociraptors at play.’  Get it?  Jurassic Park. What can I say, as a writer, reader, and artist, why not bring out the best of our books and movies?  I’ll consider it my own personal Rock City.  By the way, I got a nice surprise while cutting that grass.  A baby black snake.  I mowed a row, was pulling the mower back and a 12-inch black snake quickly, without hesitation, slithers right into the woods.  It didn’t stop for anything.  I wasn’t scared, but I did freeze on the spot with shock and fascination.

Before I go, I couldn’t get a photo because it happened too spontaneously but, a doe wandered into our side yard, using it to get to the woods behind our house.  I was standing by my classroom window which looks out over the entire side yard and something made me look out.  I guess the doe moving, walking, barely caught my attention, but enough to make me take a full look.  I wanted to get a video, but again, she came through too fast.

I love living in the woods!

Thanks for reading!

Artistically Speaking

I found myself sketching out a new piece this morning during my daughter’s Math class.  I’ve had a vision, an idea, for the better part of two weeks, and today I finally allowed myself to fall into sketching it out.

My first sketch ever, was a free-hand sketch of ‘Rabbit’ from “Winnie the Pooh”.  I was somewhere around 10-years-old, and my cousin swore I traced it, comparing it every so closely to the picture I was free-handing it from.  To this day I don’t know if she was serious or not, though it I didn’t let it deter me.  I stood my ground, swearing, “I did not trace the picture!”

My husband and I were talking about how my first free-hand sketch was of Rabbit.  Everyone remembers Rabbit.  The no-nonsense character in “Winnie the Pooh”.  Loved to garden, cautious of everything, smart, and picky on the subject of organized cleanliness.  Strangely enough, my great-grandmother was the same way.  I believe I get all of my artist ability from her.

As I sat drawing, listening in on today’s lessons, I had to turn my daughter’s attention back to her teacher a couple times where she was fascinated with my creativity.  She keeps telling me she can’t believe how good I am.  I love her compliments, and I thank her for them, but I’m still telling her I’ve only been drawing longer.  Experience is practice, and practice makes perfect.

Sketching relaxes me.  Even my husband has said so.  It’s like I melt into a different world.  I focus so strongly on every feeling and detail until it feels complete.  Hours pass feeling like minutes.  Only the art speaks the truth.  I knew this feeling only one other time in my life, my preteen to early teenage youth.  My love for free-hand drawing found me taking on an early, pre-college experience as a result of submitting an entry of a drawing of a no-name, cartoon bear wearing a hat.  By this time, I was building my own portfolio of sketches.  Characters from Disney’s “The Lion King”, “The Little Mermaid”, “Pocahontas”, and a sketch of the two-headed dragon in “The Quest for Camelot” dressed as Elvis Presley.  I drew him for my grandmother who was an obsessed fan.  Unfortunately, the art assignment grew more tediously detailed, I was redoing several assignments, the critiques urging me to ‘Try Again’, and the entire process was done through the USPS.  I lost all interest, and a short time later, my portfolio.  I got rid of it.  Threw it out.

I’ve grown.  I started sketching a new piece today.  I can’t wait until it’s completed and I can show everyone.  I’ve only the completed the first layer, but I feel it’s going to be magnificent when I’m through.  You must feel the art.

Thanks for reading!

Discouragement and Persistence in a Literary World

It is so hard to concentrate and get things done at the office when your entire body feels like ‘poo’.

I’ve also felt a little discouraged because my literary magazine isn’t kicking off the way I thought it would.  The reality is that I’m not doing my research and reaching out to the right places to show off my creativity.  So, both yesterday and the day before, I did do some reaching out to a couple of places, mainly libraries and ‘mom and pop’ bookstores, but I haven’t yet heard back from any of them.  That’s the hardest part of being a writer, having enough patience to play the waiting game.

On a more positive note, I can finally share our company logo since I finished coloring it in.  I still think the pink needs to be a shade darker, but this is only the beginning.  20180620_090103

For the rest of the week, I’ll be putting as much time and energy into finishing up our July issue.  Then come July, I’ll have copies of May, June, and July’s magazine issues available for purchase.

I believe in this magazine and I want to see it succeed.  If I didn’t, I would have stopped after May, but I didn’t.  I continued on, creating a magazine issue for June, and now July.  I’m going to keep creating them because it’s something I love to do, and one day it’ll happen.  One day they will sell.  Until then, persistence and patience is the key.