Rest In Peace C.B

Hey y’all!

Yesterday brought us news that saddened our hearts; especially the innocent heart of my daughter’s.

I don’t know how many of you have heard of or know of Disney’s ‘Descendant’s’, but it has become a huge, very popular franchise over the last few years.  They began with their first movie “Descendants” which escalated into a second movie “Descendants 2”, and as predicted by probably every child and teenager in the world, a third movie, “Descendants 3” which airs on the Disney Channel in less than a month.  My daughter has been a faithful follower since day one.

We all remember the Disney princes, princesses, and villains of our youth; Princess Belle, Aurora, Mulan, the Evil Queen, Maleficent, Jafar, Cruella de Vil, Ursula, etc; well hence the term ‘descendant’, meaning proceeding from an ancestor or source, the “Descendants” are their children.

I’ll give you a breakdown.

Mal is the daughter of Maleficent and played by actress and singer Dove Cameron.  Evie is the daughter of the Evil Queen and played by actress and singer Sofia Carson.  Jay is the son of Jafar and played by actor Bobo Stewart.  Audrey is the daughter of Aurora and played by Canadian actress, singer, and dancer Sarah Jeffery.  Ben is the son of Belle and ‘Beast’ and played by Australian actor, personality, and model Mitchell Hope.  Uma is the daughter of Ursula and played by actress and singer China Anne McClain.  Carlos is the son of Cruella de Vil and was played by Cameron Boyce.

Yesterday, we all learned Cameron Boyce passed away in his sleep from a seizure as a result of an ‘ongoing medical condition’ which has not, and probably will not be disclosed.

Breaking sad news to someone close to me is something I have done before, but it never gets easier.  In fact, it’s harder the closer I am to them.  In a previous relationship, I had to break the sad, tragic news of loved one’s passing to them.  That was the first time.  About ten years ago, I was faced with this responsibility again, having to tell my husband his dad passed away.  Yesterday, after learning of Cameron Boyce’s unexpected passing, I faced yet again, breaking the sad news, but this time to my daughter.  That was by far the hardest of all.

I could literally see her heart break and there was nothing I could do to stop it.  She idolized Cameron.  Her dad and I would pick on her, referring to him as her boyfriend, and like every young teenager, she would deny it, blushing her way through a verbal protest, ‘he’s not my boyfriend!’  So adorable; and yet, now a memory with a sad attachment.

As a mom, I hope I never have to break news like Cameron’s passing again, but I also know this is not a realistic expectation.  Like Cameron’s passing, things in life happen unexpectedly.  All I can do is be there for her, answer her questions, and remind her that his favorite thing to do in life was make people smile.

Rest in peace Cameron Boyce; May 1999-July 2019

Another Year, Another Entertaining Milestone

Hey y’all!


The school year is wrapping up.  Next week is our last week and then I’ll be packing our supplies to ship back to headquarters… until next school year come August.  Not only is our school year ending, my daughter is finishing her middle school career.  Next year she enters high school.  It’s the same online platform she’s adjusted to over the last two years, but it’s still high school.  Remember high school?  The beginning of the end.

Last night was performance night for our kids/performers at Kidz in Stepz.  My daughter’s been taking gymnastics classes with them since last year.  The growth I’ve seen in her, comparing this season to last season, leaves me speechless.  Last years showcase theme was “This is Me” and the girls performed their skills to “The Greatest Showman”.  This year it was “Moment of Truth” and the girls performed to “Ways to be Wicked”.  Want to know how ironically cool this is?  If you didn’t already know, “Ways to be Wicked” is the opening scene in Descendants 2, the movie.  My daughter practically lives and breathes Descendants; her favorites are villain kids Mal and Uma.  She has posters, barbie dolls, I made her a bouquet of ‘Descendants’ pen-toppers for Easter, displaying them in a purple, plastic, double-walled travel cup vase I decorated with ‘Descendants’ printouts, and I’m working on my own ‘Descendants’ inspired sketches to make her some t-shirts.  I was going to take a photo of the bouquet to share, but I completely forgot until after she took it apart and filled the cup with water.  I’m currently working on a remedy to change that.

Anyway, while last year’s showcase brought me to tears, watching the kids dance and perform their hearts to the fullest, this year proved to be every bit just as entertaining and tear filled.  The daddy dancers were all such awesome sports, dancing on stage, in the spotlight, with their little hearts of adorable innocence.  Then there was the teacher routine; a show by itself, it was so entertaining.  My face hurts from all the ear to ear smiling I did.  I laughed so much!

The kids were absolutely remarkable, right down to the tiny tots.  Remembering a lot of the faces from last years performance, we went into the new year, and I didn’t see a lot of them.  Not until last night.  I can’t believe how much many of them have grown.  Looking at my daughter’s gymnastics photo from last year and comparing it to her photo this year, her growth stuns me.  I’m filled with mixed emotions.  She’s taller, but she’s still and will always be lean and petite.  She’s progressing physically and in physical stature as a gymnast.  Her confidence level blows the roof when she’s in practice and it shows.  She’s a team supporter, but really, they all are!  They are all team supporters; supporting each other every dance step of the way!

I can’t wait to see next year at Kidz In Stepz!


Well, that’s all for now.  Until next time!

Thanks y’all for reading!