Beyond My Comfort Zone

I took a huge step earlier this week; made a move very similar to applying for a job.  I sent a proposal letter to Mrs. Ainsley Earhardt of Fox & Friends with a copy of each magazine issue we printed–May, June, and July.

When did I gain the nerve to make such a bold move?  Well, it was a bold move to me; compared to others–not so much.  However, you must understand the amount of discouragement I’ve listened to through the years.  Said by people I thought were my friends.  Friends are supportive, these people were not.  It has taken a significant amount of effort to get over them and move on.

I truly believe in my magazine as I’ve never felt this sure of any project idea I’ve ever had.  I know that by sending my work to Ainsley (or anyone at Fox), I’m taking a chance, a risk, that she’ll share it on live national television.  It’s both scary and exciting to consider, but I also know there’s a heartbreaking chance Ainsley won’t be phased at all by my magazines.  The truth is, my heart knows what it wants; to see my creation on television so millions of others can see it.  As the founder and creator of McKraft’s Literary Magazine, I am an entrepreneur with a skilled talent to share with the world.  I want it to work for me and my family.

I’ve learned in life not to get my hopes up, nor cross my fingers for good luck.  It’s childish encouragement.  I thought about our odds the other night while I was watching a movie with my hubby and concluded that I deserve this.  I’ve done all the work to obtain the skills to write and create our magazine.  I took English and layout design in high school working on the yearbook, then I went to college for English and Literature, and to be a writer.  I’ve lived a life full of experiences to write about, and hubby and I want to travel and see Americana.  That’s something else to write about, and who doesn’t want to read about experiences if not to be inspired?

The best place to begin our writing is in our own McKraft’s Literary Magazine!

I’m currently working on our August issue with a cover design theme ‘Back to School’.

“A Make-over in Media”

I think it’s time for a make-over.  Not a make-over of myself because I’ve done that.  Two years ago, I was not the person I am now.  I didn’t wear a hat and tinted glasses then.  I do now.  I didn’t keep a blog then.  I do now.  I didn’t write nearly as much stuff then, but I do now.  A lot has changed.  Maybe it’s time for me to make over the other part of me.  The ‘social media’ part of me.

I’m not hiding behind a fake face, or a fake name, or anything like that. I’m not actually hiding at all.  I’m an introvert.  So, in writing, I’m in my simplest form.

I’ve never thought much about my writing, I just know I’ve always loved it as an activity.  I used to write all the time–lists, letters, poems, my name, subject notes, etc.  When I wasn’t writing, I was reading or drawing.  I used to free-hand draw all the time, but dropped it in high school.  I loved to write, but I didn’t share any of it.  Not even the letters.  When I did write a letter and actually give it to the person I wrote it to, things were never good.  So, I’ve always been afraid to write to share, but then I began keeping a journal and even that took time for me to confide in.  I was afraid someone would pick it up and read it, or my little sister would snoop around because she was good at doing that.  It wasn’t until recent years that I’ve began to come out of my shell.  I’ve always been afraid of what others would think of my work.  I’ve had a lot of overly-critical, ‘so-called’ friends, and just as many overly-judgmental relatives to go with them.

I don’t think of things that way anymore.  Constant writing practice and learning to trust my conscious and subconscious thoughts have helped me navigate this path I’ve found in the literary world, and while I’m comfortable where I’m at, I can’t stop.

If I’ve learned anything from writing, it’s ‘don’t stop’, and ‘don’t be afraid to stand out’.