Summer is Officially Over

Hey y’all!  Good morning!  While it’s not officially the end of summer, but it’s the end of summer in my household.  As I’m typing this, my daughter is in a virtual classroom with her homeroom teacher, preparing to take her first MAP test of the school year… tenth grade.  Where has the time gone, right?

Since school is back in session, I’m back to fully working.  I’m teaching in the early morning, then after my daughter starts school, I’m cracking into creating new bookmarks to promote my upcoming book, brainstorming and creating fliers to promote my free library, communicating with my editor and preparing images to include in my upcoming book, and of course, keeping up with my daughter’s school agenda.

I’m actually glad school is back in session, because my daughter’s attitude, being a teenager and all, has been, per say, through the roof.  She’s at that age where she wants to believe she already knows everything, and as a teacher, I’m trying to educate her about the real world, but she just rolls her eyes or walks away; goes to her room.  I don’t remember ever showing as much attitude when I was her age, but we all say that, don’t we?  All in all, I can say she is generally a good kid.  Like any teenager, she needs an attitude adjustment every now and then.

My tomato garden is still coming along.  I’ve been able to pick three from the original I call ‘Mater’.  My roma, which I call ‘Roma’ has finally blossomed enough to develop a few tomatoes, and the larger of the three different tomato plants I have, I call ‘Allyn’ because she was given to me by my neighbor, an older gentleman.  His front yard is full of potted tomato plants nearly as tall as he is.

Here are some before photos of my tomato plants.


Here is what my tomatoes look now.

I’ll be able to pick the two in the single picture soon.  My ‘bae’ and I are looking forward to eating them on tomato sandwiches; my favorite simple summer sandwich.

I also wanted to share with y’all a photo of some ‘Elephant Ears’ growing on their own in my yard.  They aren’t as big or tall as the ones growing in my neighbors yard, but I still think they are a unique plant.

20200803_085532 (1)

Aren’t they cool?  I think so.

Well y’all, I’m going to conclude this post for now.  The good news is, with school back in session, as I mentioned before, I’m ‘in office’ more full time now.  Not that I ever left.

I hope y’all are maintaining a safe and healthy ‘in-home’ lifestyle.  I hope y’all are wearing your masks when going into public, and I hope y’all are practicing the health safety of social distancing.  Remember, we’ll get through this.

Thanks for reading y’all!

“Small Business in Writing”

After a week of heavy thoughts, pondering the pros and cons of what could either be a disaster, or could totally work out, I’m going for it because I believe in it.

Get this.  I was making the bed, listening to the Fox news channel, and I had a country music song stuck in my head (Maren Morris- My Church).  I’m very good at mentally multitasking, so it isn’t unheard of if you know me personally.  It was the idea I came up with while I was doing all of this.  Again, I was making the bed, listening to the news, and I had a song stuck in my head–a occurrence from activities from the night before.

Okay, I’m sure you’re more than ready to know what my idea was, my husband and I are starting our own literary magazine!

I figure it’s the perfect project that combines my creative nonfiction writing ability, my husband’s fiction work, everyone loves recipes, and poetry.  I don’t think it gets any better than that, but I haven’t told you everything about our magazine either!  Some things you have to find out yourself.

I’m currently working on a layout for the first issue as that is how we’re planning to start.  We’ll make one and it’ll sell itself.  So, come the first week of May, our first issue will be completed and printed from our own home printer.  We’ve not figured out the numbers yet, but there’s work to be done before those numbers can even happen.  All that we do currently know is our literary magazine will be done in monthly issues.

I think our magazine is also going to be a great way to share our work with others and get our name out there for our books that are coming later.

I’ve been asked the question already as to whether our magazine will be in print or eMagazine.  The answer to that is for now, just print.  However, if you’re interested, when the time comes, our literary magazine will be available for a cover price.  Just let me know!  Remember, the numbers haven’t been figured yet.