‘When The Thunder Rolls, and It Spooks The Cat…’

Hey y’all!

A week ago, as of tomorrow, was a scary day for my household.  It was storming, thunder was booming, and my dad’s cat Tana (short for Montana) became spooked enough from the thunder she ran for cover.  Right under my dad’s recliner chair.

Mom and dad were in the living room, enjoying some afternoon television programming, my husband and I were upstairs, relaxing to our own television when my mother screams my name for help.  Normally, when mom needs my help with something, she’s nonchalant about it.  This scream was blood-curdling, like Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt in Jurassic World.  The scene where she screams at him and the boys, “RUN!!!”  Something was terribly wrong.

My husband and I flew down the steps to find dad on the floor, half under his recliner chair, trying to release Tana from the mechanical grasp of his recliner.  There are no words to describe the horror of this incident, however, we did manage to pull her free seconds later; once dad was able to figure out how she was stuck.  Obviously, she was hurt, but alive and breathing, as well as beyond spooked.

Mom and my husband immediately began making phone calls to find a veterinarian open on a Sunday while dad and I evaluated what we could of the damages without moving Tana.  Dad was so distraught, he couldn’t think.  Finally, minutes later, mom was referred to a 24-hour animal hospital and my husband was putting together a cardboard box/transportable bed to put Tana in for the ride to the animal hospital.  Minutes after that, mom and dad were pealing out of our driveway with an injured Tana, meowing sorely.

Dad said she didn’t meow as much as she normally does during car rides, but the fact that she was meowing is a good sign.  Cat’s can’t meow with a broken neck.

At the animal hospital, they took x-rays and gave her a full tip to top examination, and except for a possible concussion, she was cleared.  No internal bleeding, nothing broken, but she did have pain in one of her legs.  The doctor put her on an anti-inflammatory medication for three days and let her come home.

I’m thrilled to share that she’s acting like herself again and dad has recovered as well.  I feel a little nervous when thunderstorms roll through the area, because I don’t want Tana to get spooked again, but she’s a cat and accidents happen.  I think we’re all a little more alert because of it.  Tana included.


As always, thanks for reading and thank you for your support.