“Back To the Basics In School…Literally”

Everyday is a new reality.  Yesterday, I had so much trouble getting my daughter to take notes, or take pictures of the slides her teachers were using to teach class, and getting her to write down the questions as she took her tests was like pulling teeth; I was at the end of my nerve rope.  Today, she has been just the opposite.  She took notes, she was paying full attention to instruction, and she fully participated.  Why the change?

Yesterday, after struggling through her first two class connects, I took to sitting right next to her for third class connect.  Doing that alone made a huge difference, but I’m not yet convinced.  Today, I sat right next to her during all three class connects, and she reached the same results.  She participated, she took notes, she took class seriously, and she passed two tests without struggling.  It was awesome!

I remember, back when I was in middle and high school, we had a few students who needed that ‘extra help’, and the school had a few teachers for that ‘extra help’.  I consider them Special Education Helpers because that’s what their specialty is; working with the slower students who have a hard time.  Schools don’t seem to have them anymore.

Who knew that I would find myself taking middle and high school over again?  If someone had told me back then that this is what I would be doing now, I wouldn’t have believed them.  I didn’t think this was the path I would take in life, but I’m glad I am because I’m learning a lot–about myself, about my daughter, and about the school.  I’m getting a second chance in general education because the first time, I had a lot going on mentally.  There’s a good chance this experience will also influence my relationship with my daughter.  I’m beginning to know and understand where and why she’s struggling, and I’m the one helping her.

What bugs me though is that the entire time she was affiliated with ‘brick and mortar’ schools, she was nothing but problem for each and every member of the staff.  She was disruptive.  She was misbehaving.  She was hitting another student.  She was doing this.  She was doing that.  She was being disrespectful to the teacher.  She kicked another student.  She said a cuss word.  I think I’ve heard them all, but I think the reality is that the schools are being properly staffed anymore, kids are bullies, and there are so few of us that stand up for what is right anymore.  When I was in school, I was the kid who was judged for being quiet.  For dressing in hand-me-down clothing and Goodwill apparel.  I didn’t make fun of anyone, but I didn’t stand up for anyone I saw being teased for fear that I would then be teased openly.

I love Georgia Cyber Academy’s K12 online general education schooling program for that reason.  They gave me the ability to pull my daughter from the distractions of the students surrounding her, so I could put her into a quiet atmosphere where she knows she safe from all those who tormented her.  Any position in life is going to have its good days and bad days, it’s when the good days outnumber the bad days that the position is worth it.