What Do You Know About Blogging?

Hey y’all!

This week has been all over the place in my head.  I’m pushing forward in writing, submitting two different short stories to two different online sites this past Monday, I’ve been working on a short story about ‘running’ since Tuesday, I covered more of the same stuff Wednesday and Thursday helping my daughter complete her school work, and more writing, and now here I am today.  Thank goodness it’s Friday.  Sigh*

I have a question for those who follow me.  I see things all over the internet that say writers can make money from their blogging.  I blog, but I’m obviously new at it, so can anyone explain this to me?

I love to write and post new things to my blog, but I honestly have no idea how to further my blog.  Are there sites to read and research?  Are there sites to avoid?

I admit I’m not the technologically savvy type.  I can use my ‘smartphone’, I use my laptop computer, I’m linked to both ‘facebook’ and ‘twitter’, but I’m only familiar with the basics.  I think it might be time for me to step further out of my shell and introduce myself more to how to work the web.

Can you help me?

By the way, when I say basics, I mean I know the basics to technology.  I think I’m so far in the ‘technical’ past, from being sheltered for two years with no internet access, I don’t have a clue as to how to link anything.  I’m almost a lost cause, but determination is in my blood.

I didn’t get my first personal laptop computer until the tax year after my husband and I moved into our first apartment–in 2012.  We moved in the tax year before.

I’m serious! LOL

Anyway, thank you for listening, or ‘reading’ with me again.  Every time you like my post, I know I’m reaching out to someone.  Otherwise you wouldn’t like my stuff (thank you for your likes!), but I need your help now.

What all exactly can you do with your blog?  How can I move forward with my blog?  How can I better my blog?

Write to me in the comments!  Thanks y’all! 🙂