Let’s Talk About this Weather… and My Headache

I have a pain, searing through every vessel in my brain, right above my right eye.  I started feeling the tinges before the sun came up, through every class the pain intensified, and it moved.  There’s nothing worse than a moving headache.

It’s the barometric pressure, because it’s soggy and dreadful outside, and it’s making me miserable.

Getting through classes this morning was somewhat of a mental struggle, but thank goodness we’re in the last week of school before the Thanksgiving holiday.  We’re not really covering much, basically catching up on missed assignments, and making up any failed attempts.

The weather outside is wet and gross causing our front-walk to be a muddy, trencherous mess.  The forecast is predicting we’ll have rain every day this week.  I don’t mind the rain, but the headache isn’t necessary.

I was telling my husband, during lunch, how I’d rather suffer through menstrual cramps than battle a headache.  I spend so much time using my mind for everything, when I do get a headache I can’t work.  Function-ability is possible, but still a struggle for me.  When I’m cramping, sitting on my heating pad is my ‘go to’, no effort, home remedy, but I can still function completely and think without pain ripping through each thought.

Having said that, before my head explodes, I’ll close out this segment.

Until tomorrow… and thanks for reading!


“A Raging Storm to Bring the Spring”

All it took was a strong, loud clap of thunder to wake me from a dream, and bring me to the reality of a thunderstorm.  What a light show!

The noise woke my husband and I out of a sound sleep and scared our daughter slightly senseless.  I don’t know.  Maybe my instincts kicked in, but I didn’t freak out or become nervous like I used to when I was a child.  Instead, I was wandering back and forth between her room and our room watching the skies out the window and listening for hints of possible tornado activity.  One can never be too safe in a storm.

I would say the storm came through our area at it’s strongest (right overhead) around midnight, but our clock read 12:10am when the thunder physically woke me, like a sounding alarm.  As I said, I spent some time walking the hallway between our rooms, but I also watched out my office window, taking a seat on the couch as the lightening was bright enough more often than it wasn’t to light up our entire front yard.  For only a second, it looked like the middle of the day.  I found the view outside our side window that overlooks our largely sloped side yard to be better to watch the sky.  The trees surrounding our property stand so tall, and that wind last night was wicked strong.  In some parts of Georgia, the wind and rain took the siding right off a street of houses.  The houses themselves look to be structurally standing, but they still need help recovering from last night’s raging storm.

I kept watching the sky over our side yard because the view was better.  I admit, it was like a creepy scene in a horror movie.  The whole world being dark right outside your window, until a storm comes rips through on a temper tantrum, lighting the sky with bolts so sharp they make the thunder almost ring instead of rumble–like a tuning fork.  I kept watching for the lightening to light up the sky so I could catch a quick glimpse of the cloud covering, and roughly analyze any activity.  Still a creepy scene.

Luckily, we didn’t have any activity in our immediate area.  It was still one heck of a storm though, and here it is, the first day of Spring!