Rainy Weather, Wild Life, and Show and Tell

Hey y’all!

It’s finally Friday, but it’s a wet one.  Our weather is predicting rain and thunderstorms with possible tornadoes, and maybe some flooding in certain areas.  At the current time, their prediction seems pretty accurate.

I’m so glad I took the time earlier this week to work out in the yard, while the weather was warm and brilliant.  I’ve been wanting to move the trampoline for some time but needed to wait for the ground to resolidify from the batch of storms we endured the week before.  With the help of my husband and our daughter, we moved the trampoline to a more centralized location in the yard.

After moving the trampoline, I was cleaning the area where it’s sat since the day my husband put it together and found this little dude… a ‘spring salamander’.  Don’t worry, after moving him carefully using a rake, I scooped him, moved him to the pavement for a better observation, and finally googled until we could positively determine its identity.  I’ve never seen one that looked like this.  Again, no animals were hurt in transit or during observation.

This year, I decided to cut our side yard in half.  Instead of mowing the entirety, I’m creating creative, artistic, yard signs.  For instance, a sign to caution, ‘Tall grass…Velociraptors at play.’  Get it?  Jurassic Park. What can I say, as a writer, reader, and artist, why not bring out the best of our books and movies?  I’ll consider it my own personal Rock City.  By the way, I got a nice surprise while cutting that grass.  A baby black snake.  I mowed a row, was pulling the mower back and a 12-inch black snake quickly, without hesitation, slithers right into the woods.  It didn’t stop for anything.  I wasn’t scared, but I did freeze on the spot with shock and fascination.

Before I go, I couldn’t get a photo because it happened too spontaneously but, a doe wandered into our side yard, using it to get to the woods behind our house.  I was standing by my classroom window which looks out over the entire side yard and something made me look out.  I guess the doe moving, walking, barely caught my attention, but enough to make me take a full look.  I wanted to get a video, but again, she came through too fast.

I love living in the woods!

Thanks for reading!