Positive in the Negative

It feels like it’s been a while since I last wrote.  Has it been that long?

McKraft’s Literary Magazine is still a working progress.  I was able to finally connect my cover art to the magazine content in order to send it digitally as a single link.  I’m pretty happy about that.  I also decided that due to printing cost being too pricey for my purse, I’m keeping it digital.  It’s cheaper, it’s smarter, and using color doesn’t cost.  I want to make the magazine available in print as well as digital, but that’s down the road a ways.

Last week I was dealing with my daughter’s school.  An RTI meeting.  Georgia Cyber Academy is an awesome school, and it’s really changed our lives for the better, but some of their staff are almost ‘pushy’.  I’ve dealt with a few staff members, who I swear, they spoke as if they were more concerned for my daughter receiving the proper education than I am.  I know they mean well, but I’m not some parent who sees education and schooling as a daytime sitter.  The teachers teach the courses, I sit in to refresh my knowledge of the course, and then I teach her the homework.

I’m working on rewriting what I thought were previously completed, well-written stories.  It turns out they weren’t.  They were nice attempts at first, maybe, possibly second drafts.  In rewriting them, I’ve realized something spectacular… I’M IMPROVING!  When you let go of the negative, and see the positive in every rough situation, things are bound to improve.  Whether things improve in your life, at work, in writing, where ever… it’s good.

Yesterday I took an even bigger step in my writing.  I started a gofundme page for the magazine.  Here is where you can donate and receive your own digital copy of McKraft’s.


I create the cover art for every issue.  The playful additives, like my #hashtagable calendar, word of the month (some words are made up), and a page of ‘fun facts’.  Every issue includes a recipe, a nonfiction short story, and a chapter of fiction.  This month we debuted my husband’s unsuccessful published book.  Read chapter one of Elemental Magic; Sorceress of Shadows by making a donation.  I send you the link.

I promise you, my magazine is at least fun to look through!