Not My Husband’s Normal Egg Salad

Hey y’all!

This afternoon, for lunch, my husband meant well, but pulled a culinary no-no.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that he has a degree in Culinary Arts and he’s worked in 5-star restaurants as a sous chef, but he’s also read and revised a short narrative I wrote, titled “Not So Nestle”, about my mother, and her crucial cookie ingredient mishap because she failed to read the label first.  To make a long story short, instead of using vanilla as the recipe called for, she used liquid smoke.

Surprisingly, the cookies turned out, but with a barely tolerable smoky flavor.

Well, in today’s story, my husband was making egg salad.

He said he was going to; not that I didn’t believe him, but he failed to check the label on the seasoning.  Instead of using Cajun Seasoning, he used Cinnamon.  I was in class with our daughter upstairs.  He brought me a spoonful to taste test.  I could tell immediately, something was off.

“What’s it missing?!”

“That’s cinnamon.” he said.  Then he explained himself.

It is a funny story, but not tasty.  Unless you like or prefer a sweeter-tasting egg salad, I would not suggest using Cinnamon to season.  Eggs and cinnamon are delicious together, as a french toast batter, in pancakes, or waffles, but not with mustard and mayonnaise.  My husband did his best to mask the cinnamon flavor adding more spicy, brown mustard; unfortunately I can still taste it, but barely.

Take my advice, don’t try this at home.

Thanks for reading!


“Small Business in Writing”

After a week of heavy thoughts, pondering the pros and cons of what could either be a disaster, or could totally work out, I’m going for it because I believe in it.

Get this.  I was making the bed, listening to the Fox news channel, and I had a country music song stuck in my head (Maren Morris- My Church).  I’m very good at mentally multitasking, so it isn’t unheard of if you know me personally.  It was the idea I came up with while I was doing all of this.  Again, I was making the bed, listening to the news, and I had a song stuck in my head–a occurrence from activities from the night before.

Okay, I’m sure you’re more than ready to know what my idea was, my husband and I are starting our own literary magazine!

I figure it’s the perfect project that combines my creative nonfiction writing ability, my husband’s fiction work, everyone loves recipes, and poetry.  I don’t think it gets any better than that, but I haven’t told you everything about our magazine either!  Some things you have to find out yourself.

I’m currently working on a layout for the first issue as that is how we’re planning to start.  We’ll make one and it’ll sell itself.  So, come the first week of May, our first issue will be completed and printed from our own home printer.  We’ve not figured out the numbers yet, but there’s work to be done before those numbers can even happen.  All that we do currently know is our literary magazine will be done in monthly issues.

I think our magazine is also going to be a great way to share our work with others and get our name out there for our books that are coming later.

I’ve been asked the question already as to whether our magazine will be in print or eMagazine.  The answer to that is for now, just print.  However, if you’re interested, when the time comes, our literary magazine will be available for a cover price.  Just let me know!  Remember, the numbers haven’t been figured yet.