“Give In, Take Rest, Think Later”

It is only Wednesday?

Yeah, it’s only Wednesday and I’m wishing it was Friday so I can have another weekend.  Last weekend seemed to fly even though I had an extra day because of there being no school.  However, while Saturday was relaxing enough, Sunday was the Daytona 500, which Austin Dillion won, and we had company over to watch the race.  I’m not complaining, I’m just saying I didn’t take the time to ‘refresh’ like I should have on Monday.

Being an introvert and needing time to recuperate from overly energetic, highly entertaining events is a must.  Otherwise its all too much to take in and process.  After any kind of family gathering or get-together, my head ‘buzzes’ for day or so because of there being so much to take in.  In order to refresh myself, I need quiet time alone–to re-energize.

I’m learning that when I don’t take that time to be quiet and to myself, I can literally feel the lack of mental motivation.  It makes it hard to concentrate.  Today I’m feeling it more, though I am trying to work, but at the same time, my thoughts keep trailing back to my phone.  Will the guy from Page Publishing call me back today?  I called him yesterday afternoon, I wrote and sent him an email to back myself up, and I called and left another message this afternoon.  I admit, my patience level there leaves me feeling ‘antsy’, but otherwise I feel ready for a nap though I also want to work on a couple of my rough drafts.

Mental fatigue.  That’s what it is, and sometimes I give into it.