‘Spring’ing Forward

Hey y’all.  Spring is in the air for sure here in Central Georgia.  Our Dogwood trees are blossoming, the others are forming their buds, the weather is growing warmer by a couple degrees every day; the weather was so nice last weekend I spent the day outdoors, raking our front and side yard. I should have taken some photos to share, but I didn’t.  I felt it the next day though.  My entire back was stiff, right up the spine. 

There were people in our park last week, power washing the mobile homes.  I didn’t think ours was that dirty until the guy power washed it.  That may or may not have been my reason for wanting to get outside and rake the yard.  Just saying.  That mixed with the long, rather isolated winter we all experienced thanks to Covid quarantining.  Please, keep wearing your masks y’all.  We’re close to the end of this, but not quite.

With spring in the air, I’ve also been moving progressively forward.  One project I have moved forward with is my book.  A couple weeks ago, I received, reviewed, and approved my cover design from my cover design artist.  They did a spectacular job!  Now I’m patiently waiting for my box of 10 copies to come.  Once that happens, again, I receive, review, approve, and then I can finally begin sharing my first published book with y’all.  I can’t wait to be able to share the link with y’all!

I sprung forward with another project as well.  I’ve been creatively working on another personalized piece of artwork, but this piece I created for Bindi Irwin and her husband Chandler, for their baby wildlife warrior coming.  I think I’ve spent over a month sketching it, then another couple weeks, night and day, adding the color, and finally a few weeks ago, I mailed it out priority mail to Australia.  When I learned they were expecting, my creative visioning kicked into high gear.  I hope they like it.  It turned out adorably.

Now I’m moving forward, towards advancing our future.  We want to travel and see the world and share every experience with y’all, whether by blog, vlog, or book.  It could be sooner than hubby and I think, but we don’t know.  We are simply springing forward. 

As always, thanks for reading y’all. Have a great day!

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Hey y’all!  I know, I said I wasn’t going to post again until St. Patrick’s Day, but I have to say, it’s been raining in my area for three days now.  The sad part about this three day rain I’m receiving, it’s been an on/off process for the better part of an entire month.  February.  Normally, I don’t have a problem with rain, but this past month has been much rainier than it needs to be.

We were in a drought through the entire summer last year, then winter came and with winter came the end of the year holidays.  No snow because I’m in Central Georgia.  Now, we’re finally getting back into the Spring season, and I swear, Mother Nature is trying to drown us.

No lie.  I stepped outside onto my porch this morning, between my first and second class.  The sun was not yet up or rising for the day, but it was clearly cloudy and raining.  No sooner did I step outside, turn around and shut my screen door, I saw an enormous flash of lightening, bright enough to light up the entire sky as if it’s the middle of the afternoon, and then it was like someone spilled a gigantic bucket of water, or something.  Had temperatures been about 30-40 degrees warmer, I could have had a shower.  Ironically enough, the rapid torrential downpour now taking place was coming down so hard, I didn’t think it could come down any harder, but it did.  In that moment, the rain coming down became so powerful, it was like standing beneath or beside a waterfall.

Since then, the sun has came up, but we can’t see it behind all the gray clouds, and yes, it is still raining, but the rain has let up to a misting drizzle.  My husband took out our garbage this morning, and as he was coming back around to our porch, he told me, each footstep is ‘squish, squish, squish’.  Like the last three days, it’s supposed to rain all day today, so the ground is going to be ‘squish, squish, squish’ for awhile.

Thank goodness I don’t have anywhere I have to be today, or my mood would be worse than what it currently is.  Right now, all I can do is sit around, think, and of course write.  Being stuck indoors is becoming very frustrating, I have to say.

Speaking of writing, my manuscript is steadily building, and very nicely.  I just recently finished and printed “Runaway”, a story about why I ran away after I turned eighteen, and “My All Time Low” which is a story about just that, my all-time low in life.  Dating a guy, moving in with him, and then learning that I should have followed my gut instinct.

While it might be raining outside, at least I have plenty of inside things to do.  Writing, washing laundry, writing, baking muffins, writing, and I have plenty to read.  Maybe I’ll get some sketching done.  I’m currently sketching a piece that’s symbolic of 9/11, and this reminds me of another story I’m rewriting, “Bleeding Patriotism”, about my very first time giving blood.  I was seventeen donating for the victims of 9/11.

Well, it was unexpected, but I’m sure you enjoyed the reading all the same.  Thank you for reading and I’ll post again on St. Patrick’s Day, or the day after because I have a really full schedule on St. Patrick’s Day.  I have three classes in the morning, my daughter has school until noon, I’m cleaning my parent’s house for them, and finally a doctor’s appointment.  See what I mean by a full schedule?

So, again, thanks y’all for reading!  Please, feel free to comment below!

A Little Business ‘Reading’

Hey Y’all!

This is just a little something I wanted to share with y’all.  I’m working on creating a link so you can print out your own copy, but these things take time.

Business Bookmark for BLOG

As always, thanks y’all, for reading and following me.  Your support means everything!

Artistically Speaking

I found myself sketching out a new piece this morning during my daughter’s Math class.  I’ve had a vision, an idea, for the better part of two weeks, and today I finally allowed myself to fall into sketching it out.

My first sketch ever, was a free-hand sketch of ‘Rabbit’ from “Winnie the Pooh”.  I was somewhere around 10-years-old, and my cousin swore I traced it, comparing it every so closely to the picture I was free-handing it from.  To this day I don’t know if she was serious or not, though it I didn’t let it deter me.  I stood my ground, swearing, “I did not trace the picture!”

My husband and I were talking about how my first free-hand sketch was of Rabbit.  Everyone remembers Rabbit.  The no-nonsense character in “Winnie the Pooh”.  Loved to garden, cautious of everything, smart, and picky on the subject of organized cleanliness.  Strangely enough, my great-grandmother was the same way.  I believe I get all of my artist ability from her.

As I sat drawing, listening in on today’s lessons, I had to turn my daughter’s attention back to her teacher a couple times where she was fascinated with my creativity.  She keeps telling me she can’t believe how good I am.  I love her compliments, and I thank her for them, but I’m still telling her I’ve only been drawing longer.  Experience is practice, and practice makes perfect.

Sketching relaxes me.  Even my husband has said so.  It’s like I melt into a different world.  I focus so strongly on every feeling and detail until it feels complete.  Hours pass feeling like minutes.  Only the art speaks the truth.  I knew this feeling only one other time in my life, my preteen to early teenage youth.  My love for free-hand drawing found me taking on an early, pre-college experience as a result of submitting an entry of a drawing of a no-name, cartoon bear wearing a hat.  By this time, I was building my own portfolio of sketches.  Characters from Disney’s “The Lion King”, “The Little Mermaid”, “Pocahontas”, and a sketch of the two-headed dragon in “The Quest for Camelot” dressed as Elvis Presley.  I drew him for my grandmother who was an obsessed fan.  Unfortunately, the art assignment grew more tediously detailed, I was redoing several assignments, the critiques urging me to ‘Try Again’, and the entire process was done through the USPS.  I lost all interest, and a short time later, my portfolio.  I got rid of it.  Threw it out.

I’ve grown.  I started sketching a new piece today.  I can’t wait until it’s completed and I can show everyone.  I’ve only the completed the first layer, but I feel it’s going to be magnificent when I’m through.  You must feel the art.

Thanks for reading!