“First Time Gardening”

Spring has certainly sprung because my allergies kicked into overdrive last week.  Sneezing, hacking, phlegmy, and just plain being miserable in the mornings when my nasal cavity has been backed up all night.  I know, it’s not a pretty picture, no matter how flowery I try to make it sound, but it happens, and that’s life.

The Dogwoods surrounding our house blossomed and popped, and everything is turning a gorgeous shade of fresh green.  I feel as if I, myself have been wrapped in a cocoon for a while,  and I’m now emerging a butterfly with confidence.

Speaking of Mother Nature reviving herself, my garden is coming along very well.  Not to brag, but more than half of my plants have sprouted and broke soil.  My first time at this is going better than I thought it would, but it’s still early.  I could totally sabotage myself, and not mean to.

I wasn’t sure about starting my garden with sugar cones as biodegradable planters (as seen on Pinterest), but I’m self-teaching.  I did some research online, not as thorough as our late country music singer sensation Joey Feek, of Joey and Rory; more like Gregory Mendel and his pea plant experiments, but my gardening has nothing to do with cross examining genetics in offspring.  I’m doing this for the fun of it.

It’s definitely hands-on work, but the things I’m learning from constantly checking on the plants throughout each and every day, playing in the soil, rotating to the time of day, making sure they’re getting plenty of sunshine, and maintaining a certain saturation level at all times, they’re sprouting and growing a little more every time I check on them!  I feel like I’m always checking on them because I usually do so between each class, but I’m so amazed how they’re growing, I can’t help but to go look!

You’re probably wondering, what all did I plant?  Well, using two 12-count boxes of sugar cones, I have 24 plants.  Four of them are green beans because the envelope was there and I figured, “why not”.  I planted four seeds in four cones.  All four cones have at least one sprout in them.  One has two!  Four cones are tomato plants, but I didn’t count the seeds I scattered per cone.  I planted enough.  All four cones have sprouted at least twice.  I also planted peppers, and one or two of them have sprouted.  Then there’s my zucchini, yellow squash, and cucumbers.  My zucchini is sprouting all over the place and I might be transferring them before long.  The squash only started sprouting this week.  Same goes for my cucumbers.  I’m very proud of myself this far.

I was going to invest in a hand-tiller and plant an in-ground garden, but I changed my mind when I considered the ants we have where I want to put the garden.  I can only imagine what the tunnelage looks like under the ant hill.  Instead, I’m going on the rustic side of gardening.  I’m going to use things I have around the house, and re-purpose them.  For instance, I have a couple of tall standing dressers I want to redo and make into something else.  I’m taking three of the drawers and turning them into gardening planters–for my zucchini, squash, and cucumbers.  In time, hubby’s going to put together a greenhouse for me so I can continue my planting year around.  I’ll have dresser drawer planters, kitty litter bucket planters, old milk jug planters–if I can use it as a planter, I’m going to.

Who knew gardening could be so fun, and observably stimulating?  I didn’t.


“A Test A Day with Spring on the Way”

Is today Monday, or is it Tuesday?  It feels like Monday because it feels like a repeat of yesterday, but I know it’s really Tuesday.  The only difference is the test.  This week, final tests are due which means there is a test per class–one test a day.  Yesterday was the test in Social Studies, today is the test in Math.

I’ve been chewing on my fingers all day, anticipating what her final score will be.  She did very well on her Social Studies test, but Math is a harder subject for her.  I think Social Studies is easy to comprehend, but it’s boring.  Math (depending on the teacher) is interesting, but it can be harder to grasp for some.  I can’t say anything, the “pigeon-hole theory” baffles me.

Now that class connect is over, I’m sitting here, thinking about my next move which is why I chose to write a new blog post.  Pacing from one side of my office window to the other, I was looking out the window.  I guess I was taking in the scenery though my thoughts were elsewhere, but a splash of ‘budding’ caught my attention.  Forgetting my thoughts, I focused on what I was looking at.  Buds, or blossoms of some sort, springing to life from a mess of thin, twig-like branches of a shrub tree.  Just yesterday, or maybe it was a few days ago, probably earlier last week, I was wondering when we would start to see everything grow back.  That’s why I love the Spring!

There’s another shrub tree in our wooded front yard, but it’s not yet blossomed like the other one.  Instead of blossoms, the twig-like limbs are dotted with tiny, light leafy-green bulbs.  Seeing them excites me for the full coming of Spring!

This reminds me, I was able to gather the materials I wanted and needed to start my vegetable seedlings inside.  On St.Patrick’s Day I spent the day outside, set up on a large tarp playing with sugar cones, soil, seeds, and water.  I’m please to share that since I started those seedlings, I have four sprouts.  Three cucumber plants and a tomato plant!  I don’t expect to yield much from my first garden, but I am hopeful.