St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Tradition, and Further Updates

Hey y’all!  I’m posting as promised!  Sadly I have no photos to share because I didn’t take any.  I had a decent day, but wasn’t feeling like photos.  That’s all.

My corning beef and cabbage came out perfectly. I put my brisket into the crock pot after finishing with my 7am class, added a few cups of water, turned the crock pot on high, and let it cook until about 4:30pm.  Fall apart, melt in your mouth, like butter, delicious!  My landlady’s husband is Irish, but he doesn’t like corned beef, so I made her a plate and invited her over. She loved it as well. Said it was ‘the bomb’.  The cabbage I fried up using my wok, a little bit of vegetable oil, and some natural corned beef stock from the crock pot.  Add seasoning to taste; salt, pepper, and Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy. Cook it down then add hot sauce and simmer. Mouth watering.  I boiled, then baked my red-skinned potatoes.  I’ve never done this before, but wow, they came out as good as my roasted potato recipe.  All in all, a great meal turn out considering I couldn’t get my hands on any Guinness beer to go with it.  Instead, my husband and I enjoyed some Bud Light Platinum.

The day wasn’t as busy as I initially thought and planned for it to be.  My parents are feeling their age and have been tired and achy with the weather, not to mention their own health ailments, so I didn’t have to go clean their place yesterday.  I wouldn’t have minded doing the cleaning for them, but they said it could wait until next week.  I did still go to my doctor’s appointment, a follow up on my eczema, and working to find a medication for it that my insurance will cover.  We tried Eucrisa and it works, really well, but insurance doesn’t cover it and it’s WOW expensive.  It’ll get figured out.

After I got home from my doctor’s appointment, I jumped right into cooking the rest of our St. Patrick’s Day dinner.  So, that was that.

Now, I’m fully focusing on finishing my manuscript.  It’s about halfway done, but the only stories I have left are those in my file on my computer.  I’ll be writing, revising, editing, and getting those polished up over the next month, then I’m sorting, categorizing, and preparing the file to submit to Page Publishing.  Fingers crossed!

This last week, though I was hanging outside on my porch because our weather was beyond beautiful, I sat outside with my writing binder, composing rough drafts from some notes I wrote a few years ago.  I had originally titled the entirety of the story ‘The Battlefield’, but after rereading all my notes, I decided a better route is breaking the story up into three shorter, but more detailed stories.

‘Dad Has What?’ is my dad’s cancer story from my point of view.  It was a very stressful time, a very scary situation, and I was only 14 years old.

‘The Gavel Hits Home’ is my story about the custody battle between my mother and dad, for me and my little sister.  It wasn’t pretty.

Finally, ‘Sneaky, Sneaky’ is about a little no-no I did while on visitation with my mother.  I was a well-behaved teenager, for the most part, but this is about something I did against my mother, without her knowledge, and I believe it helped us during the custody hearings.

So, as you can see, I’m still working, still writing, and to be honest, avoiding public places as much as possible, what with this Coronavirus, COVID-19, cautionary scare.  I’m not saying I don’t believe it, I’m saying I’m using as much caution as I can and I understand the fear of it.  Thank goodness my daughter is in online school.  However, I am wondering what they’re going to do as EOG’s and EOC’s were scheduled for the end of next month, but are currently suspended until further notice, so to keep our kids healthy.  So we can all stay healthy.

As always everyone, thank you for reading, and y’all, please stay healthy and safe!

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

My corned-beef brisket went into the crock-pot around eight o’clock this morning, because I wanted to get it started after breakfast.  The longer it cooked, the more tender it would be, and I wanted it to melt in your mouth.  I chose red-skinned potatoes to clean, cut in half, and add to the brisket after lunch.  I’m letting them soak in cold water until then.  All that’s left to do is thickly shred a head of cabbage, slice an onion, and fry those up together in my wok with some hot sauce, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, and some Mrs. Dash Table Blend.  My mouth is watering now just imagining how this is going to turn out when it’s finished.

I am of course wearing my green, and I chose to complete my outfit with a pair of St. Patrick’s Day toe socks I forgot I had until I saw Pete Hegseth’s green socks this morning on Fox & Friends Weekend.

I consider myself to be truly Irish, and by truly Irish, I mean I’m a drinker.  I drink Guinness for St. Patrick’s Day!  I’m enjoying a Guinness Extra Stout right now.  Join me in a toast to the Irish!

My corned-beef and cabbage meal came out absolutely divine.  The brisket came out so tender it fell apart, the potatoes tasted smooth in texture and perfectly acceptable to the taste-buds.  I didn’t cook the cabbage for too long, watching and simmering it slow for the best results.  My nanny used to over cook it, or over fry it in her iron skillet until it lacked the soft green and took on a pale, lifeless, almost unappetizing shade of green.  Zombie green.  However, she was famous for using hot sauce in her cabbage.  The spicy red color was appealing, and the smell would make our saliva glands work overtime.  My cabbage, though made similar, maintains a slight crisp per cabbage leaf.  I’ve found that that crisp helps when reheating it as leftovers.  Will it be tonight’s snack, or tomorrow’s lunch?

Something else we did today was we sat and watched a Disney Channel original movie, “The Luck of the Irish”.  I haven’t seen that since I was a teenager, and the first time I ever actually watched the movie, I was in fact my daughter’s age now.  I never gave it a thought before that I would sit and watch that same movie from my teen years with my teenage daughter.  Time really has passed.

Now, for the remainder of the evening, our house is going to smell of corned-beef and cabbage, I’m going to continue drinking my Guinness Extra Stout until it’s gone, and  I’m not complaining about either.  I love the Irish dish, but I normally only cook it once a year–on St. Patrick’s Day–but I’ve somehow managed to better it every year.  I also don’t drink Guinness often, so I enjoy it when we do.

Anyway, here’s to another St. Patrick’s Day, and to toasting it with Guinness!