“Hurdles To Happy Thoughts”

Hey y’all!  I hope your week went better than mine.  I’m not complaining though because it could have been worse.  I stressed out some, over this and that, but we managed to straighten things out as we went.

The week was full of hurdles; like I’m running, and the hurdles keep coming, keep appearing in front of me.  I fix one thing and something else comes up.  First it was my husband’s disability check.  When it didn’t show up in our account as expected, like it does every month, it stopped us in our financial tracks.  To make the situation a little more worrisome, we had to wait all weekend before we could physically do anything about it.  After that, I spent the week struggling to understand 8th grade mathematics so I could help my daughter with her homework.  I was a struggling math student, in both middle and high school, and you know what, I’m still struggling.  I admit that, but that’s why I sat down with my husband and discussed the problem, to which we decided and agreed, he’s going to begin joining our live Math session with our daughter’s teacher (just like I do every weekday) so he can learn the stuff and help us.  Finally figuring that out, now I’m facing yet another hurdle.  Always, another hurdle.

Like I said, if it’s not one thing, it’s another, and things just keep happening.  The hurdle I’m facing now, I’m forced to wait through a 3-day weekend before I can get in touch with someone to fix paperwork that’s wrong on their end.  Someone messed up somewhere.  However, I am not letting this hurdle stop me from moving on to focus on other project ideas.  I’m focusing instead on my latest narrative, a couple of VIPKid workshops I signed up for, and preparing my classroom for next weekend.

“Feed the areas of your life you want to grow.  Starve the parts that need to go.”  -Bruce Van Horn

I came across this quote on Twitter this morning.  It perfectly sums up my thoughts and feelings during this weekend.

I thought about those I’ve met and known in my past, and how those people judged me.  I let their judgment affect me and I should not have.  While some of them had some good advice, others didn’t, and I took most of it to heart… but not anymore.

I live to help others, because I love to help others.  I wish I had more financial means to help.

The only real way to fix your financial problems is to do something about it; put yourself out there doing what you like to do.  Through homeschooling my daughter, I found a hidden passion for educating, and now I’m teaching Chinese children English in a ‘one-on-one’ online atmosphere.  I can’t wait to book my first class!

Without ‘starving the parts I need to let go‘, meaning those who’ve  led me in the wrong direction, I can’t ‘feed where I want to grow‘– my future.  As a teacher, I’ll be working with 4 and 5-year old Chinese kids, teaching them the English language.  Children are vibrant, energetic, and they love to have fun.  I have to be professional, but I also have to be on their level.  How do I do this without feeling like a dork?

Well, who said being a dork was a bad thing?

I’m facing every hurdle with patience while figuring them out as I go along.  I know there’s nothing I can do for the next three days so I’m going to spend them thinking happy thoughts.  I’m going to focus on being my professionally-dorky self!

Thanks for reading y’all!

Stress and Emotional Growth

Last week was the most stressing week of my life.  Every time someone opened their mouth to speak, nothing but bad news came out.  My husband’s disability didn’t come as expected; something to do with a glitch in the system; a mistake on their end, and everything went downhill from there.

Naturally, I began to worry about everything.  How we’re going to pay our bills (the few we have), we just had new tires put on our truck (a bill we didn’t want, but we need tires to drive), my husband is going to need his heart medication, and it just seemed like everything was piling while falling apart at the same time, again.  We’ve been down this road before.

Last week’s conundrums made me wonder, should I really being trying to start a business right now?  Is this a sign?  I’m not religious, but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe.  I just couldn’t help but think, I’m doing something wrong.

Well, I am doing something wrong.  I’m trying to do too many things at once instead of focusing on the main job–our name, our magazine, and our purpose.  Instead of dwelling on all that wasn’t going right, I remember reading a Twitter poster that read “You don’t always need a plan.  Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens” (Mandy Hale).  With that, I thought about our magazine.  It won’t go anywhere if I don’t push it, and then I thought about Christy Wright’s book, Business Boutique.  I bought her book after watching her one morning on Fox & Friends, telling the viewers about her book and her journey to beginning her business, and working with Dave Ramsey, and how she was just as fearful as I feel putting myself out there knowing I’ll be both criticized as well as admired for my work.  That’s why I bought her book–for Chapter Two: Fear is Normal.  After reading it, I feel a new direction.

Emotional growth is important.  I can’t control every situation, but I can control how I handle them.  Instead of moping around with an attitude, like the world is against me, expelling negative energy, I should be concentrating instead on all that I can do with that energy.  I’m moving forward.

Maybe one day you’ll see me at your local library!