“Weekend Reflection and the Superbowl”

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I enjoyed my weekend.

Friday night, hubby and I found ourselves jamming to music, singing our hearts out, and I admit I was dancing around in our bedroom/office.  I’d had a trying week, and it was time for me to let loose.  We drank a 12-pack between the two of us because that’s what we do, but not all the time.  Normally we drink in moderation.

On Saturday night, hubby and I decided instead to listen to some old compilations he recorded several years back.  We listened to them, drank some Budweiser, sang, and then came up with the idea to watch “High School Musical”.  It was a great idea, we were laughing and enjoying the movie, and then I was done.  Ready for bed.  Flip the switch, goodnight.

Come Sunday, hubby and I watched the Superbowl.  We were rooting for the New England Patriots, but we watched more for the Superbowl commercials.  Pink performed the National Anthem doing an absolutely kickin’ job, and Justin Timberlake looked like he was having a party performing his half-time show.  I loved his tribute to Prince, and the eminent glow of purple in and surrounding the stadium.  Then wrapping it up with everyone’s favorite “Trolls” song “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”.  Awesome choreography and colorful implementation.  Very colorful.  Very ‘trollish’!  How cute that the kid Justin wanted to jam with didn’t even know who he was.  Who cares though, a selfie photo with Justin Timberlake, he’ll be popular among the girls in school.

My husband and I rooted for the Patriots, and the Patriots had a shot, then Tom Brady goes and throws the game with the first and only sac.  Oh well.  They can’t win them all, right?  The Eagles earned their win this year.  They played a good game.