Milestone Testing, Magazines, and Talladega

Last week was the epitome of busy!  It kicked off with Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday testing, in-town, onsite, for GCA Middle School students.  For three days, my husband and I were driving our daughter into town, hanging out in a huge college auditorium while she completed her Georgia Milestone testing.  Two to three hours a day.  By Wednesday, we were more than ready for it all to be over.  I got a lot of reading done, finishing one book and beginning another.  I also used the time to color in my sketch for our magazine cover.

After milestone testing ended, our magazine deadline jumped into full gear.  We needed to have our first issue of McKraft’s Literary Magazine ready to print before our end of the week event.  Talladega! The good news is we made the deadline and the magazine looks great for a first edition made from nothing more than an idea and some basic materials.  Arthur Ashe says, “Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can.”  Well, I took it literally for a change.  There is no bad news.

Sunday, I spent the day in beautiful, sunny, 70-80 degree weather in Talladega, Alabama at the race watching the Geico500.  I encountered several interesting characters.  I shook hands and thanked a retired U.S Army Veteran, I was approached by a couple of drunk people complimenting my western hat who then made a show of trying to kick each other in the butt, and I met a young lady in college to be an elementary teacher.  She was having car trouble and her boyfriend was drunk because he was at the race.  She was his designated driver, but then her car died, in the parking lot.  I met her after the race when she approached me needing to use my phone.  I didn’t even give it another thought.  She was having major car trouble, her phone was dead, her car was dead, and she needed to call her mother.  She was such a sweet girl, and her mother just as sweet.  I didn’t meet her mother, but she thanked me and my group for helping her daughter in a text message after we’d left.

Joey Logano won the race!  I don’t personally root for him, but I loved the victory burnout he did in his car after taking his full victory lap around the track after crossing the finish line.  This year was my first experience seeing a burnout in person because the two years before, my group was seated either in the Anniston section, or the Lincoln section.  This year we sat in the Talladega section.  The only downside was the one and only wreck that wasn’t on the backstretch happened right in front of Anniston and Lincoln.  Go figure.

Finally, I mentioned before that we completed our first issue of McKraft’s Literary Magazine.  Copies are available upon request for $5.  Message me for more information on how to get your copy!

Thanks for reading!20180502_110204