“A Sweet Greeting”

To be in middle school again.  Since I’ve been homeschooling my daughter, handling her  and her education has been a lot less stressful, but no less interesting.

She’s always had problems with other students picking on her or teasing her in school, but I don’t think they were doing so because they liked her.  Maybe they were, I don’t know, but since the beginning of this school year, she’s had a ‘follower’.  She’s not on social media because her dad and I don’t approve.  While social media has it’s many uses and benefits, it’s also very easily manipulative, and used for the wrong reasons.  When I say ‘follower’, I mean he’s tried chatting with her, he’s used the class blackboard tools to type and share that he has a crush on her pretty much announcing it to the class, he asked her to be his girlfriend within the first month of school, but he’s never met her in person.

When he first started, I didn’t think anything of it, but then he asked her out.  That’s when I put a stop to it, or thought I’d put a stop to it because I answered his chat telling him I was her mother and to leave her alone.  He did.  Then he didn’t.

He got a little pushy sending her private message after private message, forcing me to email her teacher about him, and then he backed off a little.  He’s not acting out so much anymore, but that’s the thing, he’s only acting out.  He’s acting like a typical 7th grade boy.

They have all their classes together, but their classes are in a virtual classroom, so it’s all online.  It wasn’t until third class connect today that he sent her a private chat wishing her a Happy Valentines Day.  To make himself look better, he used her real name instead of his nickname for her.  I thought it was actually sweet of him considering he’s been a real pain-in-the-butt this year.

I wonder….

Just kidding!