What a Monday

Hey y’all.  How was your weekend?

My weekend flew by while I was dealing with an ache in my body only women endure from puberty to menopause, and then I was dealing with my truck.  I’ve had ‘the beast’ for three years, but it’s time that I get rid of her due to cost of maintenance.  She’s an old girl, a 1996, but she’s worth her weight.  She’s perfect for farming.


This week my daughter faces taking her final exams to mark the end of the first semester.  I’ve had her studying, reading and rereading, over and over, the study guide answer sheet her teachers supplied each student with to prepare for the tests.  Today she took her math test.  I can’t say that she did excellent, but she did take her time and tried to work out each problem.  Tomorrow, we test for English/Language Arts, Wednesday we test in Science, and Thursday we test in Social Studies.  Wednesday, after school, I have an online teleconference, to go over gathered informational research from throughout the first semester to decide the plan for next semester with a couple of higher-up members of the academic staff.  I don’t know how it’ll go as they’ve not gone well before, but things have changed.

I’m not rooting for recognition or fame, but I do want to share that it’s been a daily struggle to get my daughter this far.  I’ve mentioned before that my daughter was ‘next-to-failing’ in brick and mortar schooling; because I’ve been able to personally work with her, one-on-one, giving her my full-blown attention, she has gained so much more understanding and confidence in herself and her ability to grasp class instruction, but it’s not been easy.  Most mother/daughter relationships go one of two ways.  I’ve had to be what most parents have considered to be really strict, or too strict, but she’s a better person for it.  She’s a better person than some of the kids I’ve known.  I hate to say that, but I’ve known some kids… a story for another time.

So, I’m finishing up first semester with my daughter this week in addition to selling my truck.  I’m also baking cupcakes for my daughter’s gymnastics class, for her birthday since classes are out the week of Christmas, so we’re sharing this week.  After that, I’m cleaning for Christmas, wrapping a few gifts, baking an apple pie, and enjoying a nice long vacation from middle school academics and extracurricular activities.

I’m going to put more focus instead on writing, and submitting more work to here and there.  This place and that.  Chicken Soup for the Soul is my first and foremost target.  I’ve been studying, and by studying I mean I’ve been reading from my personal Chicken Soup for the Soul collection like I’m taking a class in college–Chicken Soup for the Soul 501–it’s a Master’s class.  Just kidding, but I am serious about how much I’m reading.  I started with Chicken Soup for the Girls Soul, then I read Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Amazing Mom and I just finished reading that yesterday afternoon.  Yesterday evening I started Chicken Soup for the Soul: Random Acts of Kindness.  Just wait until the new year!

In closing, thank y’all so much for reading and following my blog.  I love knowing I’m talking to someone.  Wink, wink!

To everyone reading, have a very Merry Christmas, a very Happy Hanukkah, or if you don’t celebrate either of those, comment yours so I can wish you one in return.

Happy Holidays!! 🙂

“A Test A Day with Spring on the Way”

Is today Monday, or is it Tuesday?  It feels like Monday because it feels like a repeat of yesterday, but I know it’s really Tuesday.  The only difference is the test.  This week, final tests are due which means there is a test per class–one test a day.  Yesterday was the test in Social Studies, today is the test in Math.

I’ve been chewing on my fingers all day, anticipating what her final score will be.  She did very well on her Social Studies test, but Math is a harder subject for her.  I think Social Studies is easy to comprehend, but it’s boring.  Math (depending on the teacher) is interesting, but it can be harder to grasp for some.  I can’t say anything, the “pigeon-hole theory” baffles me.

Now that class connect is over, I’m sitting here, thinking about my next move which is why I chose to write a new blog post.  Pacing from one side of my office window to the other, I was looking out the window.  I guess I was taking in the scenery though my thoughts were elsewhere, but a splash of ‘budding’ caught my attention.  Forgetting my thoughts, I focused on what I was looking at.  Buds, or blossoms of some sort, springing to life from a mess of thin, twig-like branches of a shrub tree.  Just yesterday, or maybe it was a few days ago, probably earlier last week, I was wondering when we would start to see everything grow back.  That’s why I love the Spring!

There’s another shrub tree in our wooded front yard, but it’s not yet blossomed like the other one.  Instead of blossoms, the twig-like limbs are dotted with tiny, light leafy-green bulbs.  Seeing them excites me for the full coming of Spring!

This reminds me, I was able to gather the materials I wanted and needed to start my vegetable seedlings inside.  On St.Patrick’s Day I spent the day outside, set up on a large tarp playing with sugar cones, soil, seeds, and water.  I’m please to share that since I started those seedlings, I have four sprouts.  Three cucumber plants and a tomato plant!  I don’t expect to yield much from my first garden, but I am hopeful.